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  • Eban Denies Israel Maintains Military Attaches with Rebel Forces in Southern Sudan

    Foreign Minister Abba Eban today denied a London Sunday Times report that Israel was maintaining military attaches with African rebel forces in southern Sudan and was assisting the rebels. Replying to questions in the Knesset Mr. Eban said Israel was rendering aid to Kenya, Uganda and Kinshasa Congo within the framework of its technical assistance… More ▸

  • Egypt-libya-sudan Alliance Under Strain; Libya’s President Rebukes Soviet Union

    The recently formed alliance between Egypt, Libya and the Sudan developed a sharp crack last week as the heads of these states met at Khartoum to launch still another drive for all-Arab cooperation in the struggle against Israel. President Gamal Abdel Nasser, President Muammer al-Qaddhafi, of Libya and Premier Jaafar e-Numeiri of Sudan, mapped out… More ▸

  • New Sudan Premier Says Arab Policies Hinge on Bonn’s Attitude Toward Israel

    The new Premier of Sudan said in an interview published here that the sole criteria determining Arab policies toward East and West Germany was the German attitude in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Premier Abu Bakr Awallah told the newspaper Die Welt that “we have nothing against Germans, East or West, but foreign policy in all Arab… More ▸

  • New Sudan Regime Recognizes East Germany Because of Its Opposition to Israel

    The new Sudanese Government, in its first foreign policy act, has recognized East Germany because of that Government’s opposition to Israel, it was reported here. Sudan broke relations with West Germany four years ago when it recognized Israel. Speaking at a news conference in Khartoum, Premier Abubakr Awadallah, who seized control of the Government in… More ▸

  • Revolutionary Leader of Sudan Says His Regime Will Join ‘struggle for Palestine’

    Abubakr Awadallah, who took over the Premiership of the Sudan in a coup Sunday, said that his regime would promote closer relations with Egypt and “other progressive Arab states,” it was reported here. The leftist coup replaced the coalition Government of Ismail el-Azhari and was led by several middle-ranking military officers. Col. Jaafar Mohamed el-Nemairy,… More ▸

  • Johnson Vetoes Bill Barring Import of Extra Long Staple Cotton from Egypt, Sudan

    President Johnson has vetoed a bill passed by both houses of Congress that would have barred all imports of extra long staple cotton from any nations that fall to maintain diplomatic relations with the United States. Egypt and the Sudan are the only producers of long staple cotton that fit the description, both having broken… More ▸

  • House Passes Bill Banning Egyptian, Sudanese Cotton Imports

    A bill banning cotton imports from Egypt and the Sudan was passed by a 274 to 64 vote in the House of Representatives today, despite efforts by the Administration to kill the measure. The bill, which goes to the Senate, would prohibit imports of cotton from countries that have severed relations with the United States,… More ▸

  • Hits Administration Plan to Give Sudan $20 Million in Grains

    The Administration has embarked on a “backdoor method” of resuming aid to the Arab nations that severed diplomatic relations with America, Rep. J. Herbert Burke, Florida Republican, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, charged today in a House speech. Rep. Burke said the U.S. Department of Agriculture has invited bids for $20 million in… More ▸

  • Sudanese Officer Sentenced to Prison for Allegedly Spying for Israel

    A Sudanese military court has sentenced a former major, Abbas Gamal Eldin, to nine years in prison on charges of spying for Israel, it was reported here today from Khartum. The defendant was found guilty of serving as a link between spy rings in Cairo and Asmara Eritrea which gathered information about Egypt and passed… More ▸

  • Delegation from French Sudan Studies Israel’s Irrigation, Industries

    A four – man delegation from the French Sudan is currently touring Israel studying Its settlements, irrigation system and industries. They have expressed an interest in Israeli experts to help them establish similar systems and to teach their people the use of fertilizers. They felt that the smallholders’ type of cooperative settlement was best suited… More ▸