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  • Jewish Community of Stockholm Pays Homage to Wallenberg

    The Jewish community of Stockholm packed the synagogue of the Swedish capital Sunday night to pay homage to Raoul Wallenberg, the war-time savior of 100,000 Hungarian Jews. An audience of more than 800 heard the Bishop of Stockholm and Bruno Kaplan, president of the Stockholm Jewish community, describe Wallenberg’s exploit while a diplomat in Budapest… More ▸

  • Begin to Be Asked to Help Find Wallenberg ,missing Swedish Envoy

    Premier Menachem Begin of Israel is expected to be asked to help solve the mystery of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who may still be imprisoned in the Soviet Union, 34 years after his abduction by the Red Army. Wallenberg’s close relatives are flying to Jerusalem this weekend following fruitless attempts by the Swedish government to… More ▸

  • Singer Will ‘say Something’ in Yiddish at Nobel Ceremony in Stockholm

    Israel Bashevis Singer, winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize for Literature, said here Thursday that he intends to “say something” in Yiddish when he accepts his award in Stockholm next month. The famed Yiddish writer, who was feted for 90 minutes by the American Jewish Committee and its magazine Present Tense, told the 125 people… More ▸

  • Britain, Sweden Condemn Air France Hijacking and Holding of Hostages

    The United Kingdom and Sweden strongly condemned today the hijacking on June 27 of an Air France air bus and the subsequent holding of hostages at Entebbe Airport. They called on the UN to adopt measures against terrorism and hijacking. Addressing the Security Council, which resumed debate this morning on the Israeli rescue operation in… More ▸

  • Israel’s Envoy to Sweden Recalled for Consultations Following Sweden’s Vote for PLO Participation at

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon has recalled Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, Avner Idan, “for urgent consultations,” it was officially announced today. The recall was clearly a diplomatic expression of Israel’s anger over Sweden’s vote in the Security Council last week to invite the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in the Council’s deliberations over Israel’s air raids… More ▸

  • Rabin Pleased with Stockholm Confab

    Premier Yitzhak Rabin returned today from a weekend conference of 11 European Social-Democratic leaders at Stockholm who expressed unanimous opposition to any attempts to oust Israel from the United Nations. (See earlier story Page 1.) Rabin expressed gratification over the stand of the conference and expressed the hope that the entire free world would similarly… More ▸

  • Sweden, Norway, Denmark Opposed to Israel’s Expulsion from UN

    The Swedish and Norwegian governments have decided to vote against any attempt to exclude Israel from the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly. The Norwegian Foreign Minister, Knut Fry-denlund, in an interview with the Norwegian Journal of Commerce and Shipping, said that his government has already decided to oppose such a move. He added that even… More ▸

  • 200th Anniversary for Stockholm Jewry

    The Jewish community in Sweden’s capital is preparing to celebrate its bicentenary on May 4. On this date in 1775, King Gustav III gave Aaron Isaac permission to settle in Stockholm and granted his petition to hold religious services. There are some 13,000 Jews in Stockholm today, and another 2000 or so in the other… More ▸

  • Swedish Envoy in Baghdad Urged to Help Save Kashkosh Survivor

    The Public Committee for Iraqi Jews has appealed to the Swedish Ambassador in Baghdad to try to save the life of 22-year-old Dori Kashkosh whose parents, sister and two brothers were reportedly murdered by Iraqi secret police in their home April 12. The girl, a university student, is reportedly in hiding. The Committee has asked… More ▸

  • Pro-jewish Demonstrators Greet Kosygin in Stockholm

    Demonstrations broke out here today protesting the start of a four-day official visit by Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin. On Kosygin’s arrival a group of 25 demonstrators, brandishing posters calling for Jewish rights in the Soviet Union, gathered in the street while the Russian leader met with Swedish Premier Olaf Palme. During a scuffle with police,… More ▸