• Leader of Swedish Nazis Charged by Prosecutor with High Treason

    Bjorn Lundahl, leador of the Swedish Nazis arrested last week after police discovered a cache of weapons at their headquarters and a list of Swedish Jewish leaders marked for assassination, was charged by Sweden’s Chief Prosecutor today with high treason. The prosecutor requested that Lundahl and six other alleged Nazis arrested with him be held… More ▸

  • Jewish Communities in Sweden Express Alarm over Nazi Plot on Jews

    The Central Council of Swedish Jewish Communities today expressed its alarm over the discovery of a ring of active Nazis rounded up by police last week. The Council appealed to the Government to increase its vigilance against Nazism. The Nazi gang rounded up last week, resulting in six arrests, was found to have had a… More ▸

  • Plot to Kill Jews in Sweden Revealed; Premier Condemns Nazi Ring

    Police reported today that documents seized in a raid on an armed Nazi anti-Semitic sabotage and spy group included Nazi death sentences on Swedish Jewish leaders and detailed plans to annihilate Swedish Jewry. A statement expressing the Government’s reaction to the Nazi group, “deploring” its existence and terming the existence of a Nazi ring as… More ▸

  • Anti-semitic Spy Group Uncovered in Stockholm; Arrests Made

    An armed Nazi anti-Semitic sabotage and spy group was uncovered yesterday by Stockholm police who arrested five leaders, including Bjoern Lundahl, Sweden’s top Nazi. Two arms caches also were found. Police said that Lundahl allegedly spied for the Egyptian Embassy here, submitting information on the Israel Embassy and data on staff lectures at the Embassy,… More ▸

  • Pro-nazi Students in Sweden Counter Jews by Singing Nazi Songs

    A spokesman for the Stockholm Students Union said today that a number of pro-Nazi members might be expelled from the group for singing anti-Semitic Nazi songs at a students function at Stockholm University. The incident occurred when some students sang the Israeli folk song “Hava Nagila.” The pro-Nazi students, some of them members of the… More ▸

  • Swedish Bankers Propose Plan for Unclaimed Property of Nazi Victims

    A group of Swedish banks proposed today to the Swedish Government the formation of a Humanitarian Foundation of unclaimed property deposited in Swedish banks and believed to belong to victims of the Nazi period. The assets amount to about 3,100,000 Swedish kroner ($620,000). The bank officials said that, since the owners and heirs had not… More ▸

  • Swedish King Reappoints Blaustein to Hammarskjold Foundation Board

    The reappointment of three Americans for a second term of three years to the Board of Trustees of the Dag Hammarskjold International Foundation was announced in Stockholm today at a Trustees’ meeting. King Gustav Adolf designated Jacob Blaustein, of Baltimore, and Andrew W. Cordinal and Ernest A. Gross, of New York, among fourteen Trustees appointed… More ▸

  • Israeli Ship Seized by Sweden to Be Released Today; Funds Deposited

    The Zim Israel Navigation Company, whose freighter, Nahariya, was embargoed by Swedish officials at Goetburg, Sweden, yesterday, as security for a $1,500,000 suit against Zim instituted by a Norwegian shipping firm, will sail tomorrow, Zim officials announced here today. The Nahariya was seized at the request of the Norwegian owners of the tanker Stolt Dagali… More ▸

  • Sweden Seizes Israeli Ship As Security for ‘shalom’ Collision Claim

    Sweden today seized an Israeli ship, the S. S. Nahariya, “at the request of a Norwegian client.” the public prosecutor announced. The ship was embargoed, it was said, as security against a claim by the Norwegian owners of the tanker Stolt Dagali, which was cut in half, with resulting deaths of 19 Norwegian sailors, when… More ▸