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  • Swedish Labor Party Cancels Invite to Peres to Attend May Day Fete

    Israel’s Labor Party has expressed surprise and shock at the Swedish Labor Party’s action in cancelling its invitation to Shimon Peres to attend May Day observances in Stockholm this year. Peres has sent a cable to Swedish Social Democratic leader Olaf Palme protesting the cancellation. The Swedes said the cancellation was due to differences within… More ▸

  • Sweden Urged to Use Red U-boat As Leverage to Free Wallenberg

    The Swedish government is being urged not to release a Soviet submarine which stranded off the Swedish coast last week until the Soviet government releases Raoul Wallenberg. According to Rep. Tom Lantos (D. Calif.), “The government and people of Sweden now have a golden opportunity to right the horrible wrong done to Raoul Wallenberg over… More ▸

  • Stockholm Jewish Community Now Has Two American Rabbis

    The 8,000-member Jewish community here now has two American rabbis with the appointment of Arthur Lavinsky of New York City. The Chief Rabbi is Morton Narrowe, from Philadelphia, who has served the congregation since 1965. He leads the Conservative services at the Great Synagogue on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Lavinsky will concentrate on the… More ▸

  • Washington Resolution to Honor Swede Who Helped Save Many Jews

    The only two European-born members of Congress are sponsoring a resolution to honor Rooul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who is credited with saving some 90,000 Hungarian Jews from Nazi death camps during World War II. Rep. Ted Weiss (D. NY), who fled from Hungary with his family in 1938, and Sen. Rudy Boschwitz (R. Minn.),… More ▸

  • General Strike in Sweden Forces Postponement of Wallenberg Tribunal

    An international hearing in the case of the missing Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, which was to have begun in Stockholm tomorrow has been called off until the fall because of a strike of public employes that has shut down all communications and transportation in Sweden, including incoming and outgoing flights. Lena Biorck-Kaplan of New York,… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA Sweden to Host Two Events of Significance to World Jewry

    Sweden will host two events of particular significance to world Jewry — the international tribunal in the case of Rool Wallenberg, to be held here May 1-4; and the bicentennial celebration of the Jewish community of Goteborg, Sweden’s second largest city, to be held May 9-12. Elie Wiesel, chairman of President Carter’s Commission on the… More ▸

  • Program Launched for Having Holocaust Taught in Sweden’s Schools

    The Swedish Jewish community has projected a broad-based educational program on the Holocaust that it hopes to have integrated into Sweden’s general school system. The program will be based on a successful year-long educational effort led by the Swedish Jewish community during the past year. The program, outlined in a report to the European office… More ▸

  • Hearings on Wallenberg’s Fate to Be Held in Stockholm May 2-3

    International hearings will be held in Stockholm May 2-3 to examine new information about the fate of Raoul Wallenberg, the long-missing Swedish diplomat, Guy von Dardel, Wallenberg’s half-brother, reported Friday at a press conference at the Swedish Cultural Center here. Von Dardel said he had been in Israel and Moscow investigating new leads and interviewing… More ▸

  • Jewish Community of Stockholm Pays Homage to Wallenberg

    The Jewish community of Stockholm packed the synagogue of the Swedish capital Sunday night to pay homage to Raoul Wallenberg, the war-time savior of 100,000 Hungarian Jews. An audience of more than 800 heard the Bishop of Stockholm and Bruno Kaplan, president of the Stockholm Jewish community, describe Wallenberg’s exploit while a diplomat in Budapest… More ▸

  • Begin to Be Asked to Help Find Wallenberg ,missing Swedish Envoy

    Premier Menachem Begin of Israel is expected to be asked to help solve the mystery of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who may still be imprisoned in the Soviet Union, 34 years after his abduction by the Red Army. Wallenberg’s close relatives are flying to Jerusalem this weekend following fruitless attempts by the Swedish government to… More ▸