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  • Swiss-jewish Negotiations on Settlement Near Collapse

    Talks between Jewish and Swiss negotiators all but collapsed this week, leaving only the dimmest prospects of setting Holocaust- era claims anytime soon. Daylong discussions at the U.S. State Department Tuesday failed to yield progress, with Swiss banks again saying their best offer was $600 million, and the World Jewish Congress and lawyers for Holocaust… More ▸

  • Swiss Leaders Narrowly Reject Refugee’s Compensation Claim

    Swiss Jewish leaders have sharply criticized a government decision to deny compensation to a Jewish refugee whom Swiss border guards handed over to Nazi Germany in 1943. “The reaction of the government is not acceptable, especially because in 1943 the government knew exactly what is going to happen to those Jews returned to the Nazis,”… More ▸

  • Swiss Papers See Increase in Anti-semitic Letters to Editor

    Swiss newspapers have been flooded with anti-Semitic letters to the editor as a result of ongoing pressure on the country to confront its wartime past. The Swiss daily Blick said this week that the country’s newspapers have received hundreds of anti-Semitic letters, the majority of them far too insulting ever to reach print. There have… More ▸

  • Swiss Blast Report Alleging Wartime Pro-nazi Influence

    Swiss Jewish leaders and government officials have lambasted a report alleging that Switzerland was “thoroughly saturated” with Nazi sympathizers during World War II. The report, released here Wednesday by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, claims that there was a close relationship between senior Swiss government officials and Swiss extremists to attempt to deny Jewish… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Report on Swiss-nazi Gold Trade Fuels Demands for Compensation

    A long-awaited report examining Switzerland’s hand in the Nazi gold trade is fueling Jewish demands for more Swiss compensation and accountability. The report, commissioned by the Swiss government and issued by an independent panel of historians, concludes that during the war, Swiss National Bank officials knew they were buying looted gold from Nazi Germany, but… More ▸

  • Negotiators Mum on Talks to Resolve Claims Against Swiss

    Talks to resolve claims stemming from Swiss actions during World War II have opened — but no quick settlement is in sight. The first round of talks, held in Washington under U.S. State Department auspices, comes on the heels of a pledge last month by Switzerland’s three largest banks to negotiate a settlement that could… More ▸

  • Swiss Allow Mossad Agent to Return Home Pending Trial

    An Israeli Mossad agent caught during a bungled spy operation in Switzerland has returned home. The agent, identified only by his age, 44, returned to Israel on Saturday after Israeli authorities guaranteed that he would return to Switzerland to stand trial. The agent was one of five Mossad operatives caught red-handed in February while attempting… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Swiss Bank Bid to Settle Claims Leaves Thorny Issues Unresolved

    An agreement by Switzerland’s three biggest banks to negotiate a global settlement of Holocaust-era claims marks a partial breakthrough, but it leaves many thorny issues unresolved. The settlement, to be worked out in coming months, would involve a compensation fund for Holocaust survivors to cover all victims’ assets that ended up in Swiss banks, and… More ▸