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  • Swiss Arrest of Mossad Agent Further Tarnishes Agency’s Image

    The once-vaunted image of the Mossad has been tarnished again. The latest blow to Israel’s foreign intelligence service came Thursday, when Israeli and Swiss officials confirmed reports that an Israeli Mossad agent had been arrested in Switzerland in connection with an attempt to bug telephones in a building on the outskirts of Bern. Swiss officials… More ▸

  • Swiss Government Rejects Refugee’s Restitution Claim

    Should Switzerland pay restitution for its wartime policy regarding Jewish refugees? The resounding no offered by the Swiss Cabinet has received an equally resounding condemnation from Jewish leaders here and abroad. The Cabinet, known as the Federal Council, rejected last week the $68,000 compensation claim of Charles Sonabend, a World War II Jewish refugee whose… More ▸

  • U.S. Presses Swiss Firms to Pay Insurance Policies

    American pressure is mounting on Swiss insurance companies to make good on unpaid policies from the Holocaust era. The row intensified this week after Swiss insurers argued that domestic laws bar them from opening up their books regarding the insurance policies taken out by Holocaust victims. U.S. insurance officials, in turn, have accused Swiss insurers… More ▸

  • Survivors in Hungary Receive Swiss Holocaust Fund Checks

    In the Hungarian capital of Budapest, there are thousands of sorrowful stories similar to that of Ilona Debreczeny. Deported by Hungarian fascists at the age of 16, she suffered at four Nazi concentration camps between August 1944 and May 1945. Along the way, she came under Dr. Josef Mengele’s knife at Auschwitz and her teeth… More ▸

  • Swiss Fund to Distribute $150 Million to Survivors

    The executive board of Switzerland’s Holocaust Memorial Fund approved in principle the total allocation Jewish groups are seeking to distribute to survivors worldwide. The board also approved at its meeting Wednesday some $8 million for immediate payment to Hungarian survivors, according to a statement issued by the board. Some 100,000 Jewish survivors around the world… More ▸

  • Controversy Erupts over Swiss Wwii Labor Camps

    Talk to Jews from Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia or Hungary who somehow escaped the Nazi dragnets and made it to safety in Switzerland, and they will assert, usually with considerable emotion, some or all of the following statements: During World War II, Switzerland split up Jewish refugee families, putting the men into forced labor camps, where… More ▸

  • Swiss Document Shows Bank Moved Money for Senior Nazis

    At least one Swiss bank was involved in transferring money for high-ranking Nazi officials from Germany to Switzerland at the end of World War II, according to a document found in the Swiss Federal Archives. Some of the money allegedly transferred by the director of the Swiss Agricultural Bank on behalf of “high ranking members… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Survivors Recall Swiss Policy of Using Jews for Slave Labor

    Some of Switzerland’s most famous ski resorts were the sites of forced labor camps for Jewish refugees during World War II. This latest revelation — unveiled in a British television documentary this week — is likely to further tarnish the pristine reputation of neutrality that the Swiss had nurtured over the past half-century. Switzerland has… More ▸

  • Swiss President’s Interview Provokes New Controversy

    The year has begun with a new controversy involving Switzerland’s president, Swiss Jewish leaders and the World Jewish Congress. The conflict was sparked by an interview incoming president Flavio Cotti gave to the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve that was published on the eve of his Jan. 1 inauguration. Cotti said critics of Switzerland’s wartime… More ▸

  • Hungarian Survivors to Receive Next Round of Swiss Payments

    Some 20,000 Hungarian Holocaust survivors will soon receive checks from a Swiss fund for needy survivors. The checks, which come in the wake of a similar payment last month to Latvian survivors, will total $400 each, according to officials involved with the payments. The payments will be distributed in January, they said. The Holocaust Memorial… More ▸