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  • Swiss Suspend Sentence of Spy, Ending Bungled Mossad Scandal

    The conviction and suspended sentence of an Israeli spy appears to have ended a scandal that strained Israeli-Swiss relations. But after the trial, a Swiss lawmaker charged that the wrong man may have been tried in the botched 1998 wiretapping. After the Swiss Federal Court convicted a man known as Isaac Bental, the name the… More ▸

  • Swiss Court Tries Mossad Agent for Botched Wiretapping Scheme

    Switzerland’s highest court is forcing Israel’s Mossad to relive one of its most embarrassing episodes. On Monday, the Federal Court began trying an agent with Israel’s foreign intelligence service for his role in a botched wiretap attempt. The defendant gave the court a pseudonym, Isaac Bental, out of concerns for his safety. Bental was one… More ▸

  • Poll Finds Many Swiss Do Not Believe Their Country Need Apologize to Jews

    A large percentage of the Swiss are not troubled by their nation’s treatment of Jews during World War II, according to a just- released poll. The survey’s results appear to indicate that despite several years of accusations about Switzerland’s wartime record — as well as the critical findings of two highly respected commissions dealing with… More ▸

  • Lawyers in Swiss Bank Settlement Submit Bill, Outraging Jewish Groups

    Lawyers who helped Holocaust survivors win a $1.25 billion settlement from Swiss banks have submitted their bill: $15 million. The attorneys’ fees have Jewish groups questioning the morality of lawyers who seek money for what they see as a humanitarian effort. “Holocaust survivors are being exploited by a feeding frenzy of fee-grabbing lawyers,” said Elan… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Switzerland the Latest Flash Point in the Ascent of Europe’s Far Right

    Fears that voters across Europe are succumbing to the pitches of hard-right populists were given credence by the latest election results from Switzerland. As a result of Sunday’s parliamentary vote, widely described by Swiss commentators as marking a watershed in Swiss politics, the right-wing People’s Party came in second and is poised to snare a… More ▸

  • Swiss Elections Bring out Anti-semitism

    Anti-Semitism is making its presence felt in the waning days of the campaign for the Swiss Parliament. A popular Swiss politician is being accused of praising a book that denies the Holocaust occurred. The charges are being leveled against Christoph Blocher, who claims he never read “On the Decline of Swiss Freedom” but liked the… More ▸

  • Russian Holocaust Survivors Receive Payments from Swiss Fund

    Some 200 Holocaust victims have received their first payment from a Swiss fund created in 1997 to help needy survivors. At a ceremony in the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue inside Moscow’s World War II Memorial Park, the survivors received vouchers that will allow them to receive $400 from the $180 million Holocaust Memorial Fund. A second… More ▸

  • Claimants for Swiss Fund Begin Application Process

    Ten months after Swiss banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion to settle Holocaust-era claims, potential beneficiaries are beginning to stake their claims for compensation. Holocaust survivors around the world began responding this week to a media campaign designed to notify hundreds of thousands of possible claimants about how to apply for payments from the settlement…. More ▸

  • Lawyers in Swiss Case Seek $25 Million; Campaign to Find the Beneficiaries is Slated

    Lawyers who represented Holocaust survivors in a class-action lawsuit against Swiss banks are requesting $25 million in legal fees for their role in last year’s $1.25 billion settlement. But any decision regarding fees must be approved by the federal judge in New York serving as an arbiter between the banks and Jewish representatives. The issue… More ▸

  • Swiss High Court Ruling Favors Jewish Man Handed over to Nazis

    The Swiss Supreme Court has called for opening an investigation into the case of a Jewish refugee whom Swiss border guards handed over to Nazi Germany in 1943. Joseph Spring, 72, who now lives in Australia, had demanded about $67,000 in compensation from the Swiss government, which denied his request last June. In its decision… More ▸