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  • Swiss Elections Bring out Anti-semitism

    Anti-Semitism is making its presence felt in the waning days of the campaign for the Swiss Parliament. A popular Swiss politician is being accused of praising a book that denies the Holocaust occurred. The charges are being leveled against Christoph Blocher, who claims he never read “On the Decline of Swiss Freedom” but liked the… More ▸

  • Russian Holocaust Survivors Receive Payments from Swiss Fund

    Some 200 Holocaust victims have received their first payment from a Swiss fund created in 1997 to help needy survivors. At a ceremony in the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue inside Moscow’s World War II Memorial Park, the survivors received vouchers that will allow them to receive $400 from the $180 million Holocaust Memorial Fund. A second… More ▸

  • Claimants for Swiss Fund Begin Application Process

    Ten months after Swiss banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion to settle Holocaust-era claims, potential beneficiaries are beginning to stake their claims for compensation. Holocaust survivors around the world began responding this week to a media campaign designed to notify hundreds of thousands of possible claimants about how to apply for payments from the settlement…. More ▸

  • Lawyers in Swiss Case Seek $25 Million; Campaign to Find the Beneficiaries is Slated

    Lawyers who represented Holocaust survivors in a class-action lawsuit against Swiss banks are requesting $25 million in legal fees for their role in last year’s $1.25 billion settlement. But any decision regarding fees must be approved by the federal judge in New York serving as an arbiter between the banks and Jewish representatives. The issue… More ▸

  • Swiss High Court Ruling Favors Jewish Man Handed over to Nazis

    The Swiss Supreme Court has called for opening an investigation into the case of a Jewish refugee whom Swiss border guards handed over to Nazi Germany in 1943. Joseph Spring, 72, who now lives in Australia, had demanded about $67,000 in compensation from the Swiss government, which denied his request last June. In its decision… More ▸

  • Swiss Won’t Prosecute Legislator Accused of Betraying His Country

    A member of the Swiss Parliament who had been accused of anti-Swiss behavior will not be prosecuted, according to government officials. A group of right-wing citizens had leveled the charges against Jean Ziegler after publication of his book, “Switzerland, Gold and the Dead” and in the wake of his testimony in the U.S. Senate about… More ▸

  • U.S. Applauds Swiss Efforts to Deal with Its Wartime Role

    The United States is seeking to improve relations with Switzerland now that the Alpine nation is confronting its wartime past, U.S. Vice President Al Gore declared at an annual economic conference held here over the weekend. Gore, who headed a U.S. delegation to the Davos World Economic Forum, praised Switzerland for taking steps to end… More ▸

  • Focus on Issues: Jewish Groups Are Debating Who Should Get Swiss Funds

    Four months after Swiss banks agreed to pay a whopping $1.25 billion to settle Holocaust-era claims, Jewish groups and attorneys are still debating who should get the money and how to distribute it. Jewish organizations and lawyers who represented Holocaust survivors in a class-action lawsuit against the banks agree the bulk of the funds should… More ▸

  • Swiss Get Jewish President Who is Proud of Her Heritage

    Switzerland will soon have a president who plans to speak out aggressively about her country’s role in World War II. Recently elected by the Swiss Parliament to assume the country’s presidency on Jan. 1, Ruth Dreifuss said she is “especially proud as a woman and of course also as a member of the Jewish community”… More ▸

  • As Swiss Face Anti-semitism, a Jew Takes Office As President

    A Jewish woman is scheduled to record a double first in Switzerland this week. Ruth Dreifuss is expected to become the first Jew — and the first woman — to be named president of Switzerland, where women only earned the right to vote in 1971. Dreifuss, who formally becomes head of state on Jan. 1,… More ▸