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Tamat Gan Safari

  • 10 incredibly cute photos of Terkel, Israel’s newest baby rhino

    Mazel Tov! After an 18-months pregnancy, Tanda, a 20-year-old white rhino gave birth Terkel, a rare white rhino calf, at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv.
    Terkel was born on June 15, which is a reason to celebrate since white rhinos are considered rare and difficult to breed in captivity, and are constantly trying to keep out of the endangered list. 300 white rhinos are killed every year by poachers who hunt them for their horns. White rhinos are not really white, it is a mistranslation from the Dutch “wijd,” which means “wide” in English.
    Terkel is named after zoologist Dr. Amelia Terkel, who is retiring after 30 years at the Ramat Gan Safari. His mother Tanda, who was born in South Africa, gave birth to his older brother Tibor, four and a half years ago.
    Shortly after being born, Terkel tried to get on his feet, and was able to do so with the help of Tanda.
    Enjoy the photos of Terkel’s first day!
    1. Terkel Trying to stand up for the first time

    (Photo by Tibor Jager/Ramat Gan Safari) More ▸