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  • With Ramon Staying in Race, Labor Leadership Primary is Up for Grabs

    A little over a week before the Labor Party’s Nov. 19 primary elections, Haifa Mayor Amram Mitzna was well ahead in the three-way race for party leadership. Unfortunately for Mitzna, if a week is a long time in politics, in Israeli politics it’s an eon. Indeed, the Mitzna camp was eagerly awaiting a Monday press… More ▸

  • Israel’s Arab Minority in Israel, Coexistence Programs Span a Range of Activities, Places

    The range of coexistence programs in Israel includes everything from filmmaker workshops and theater activities to environmental projects, Holocaust awareness programs and summer camps. Here are just a few samples: Association for Promoting Theater Activities, Jaffa: A city-wide theater program for junior high school students from Jewish and Arab schools in Jaffa encourages coexistence. The… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World with Elections Approaching, Candidates Anger Brazil’s Jews

    Sen. Jose Alencar, the leading candidate to become Brazil’s vice president, recently apologized to Brazilian Jews after saying that the only solution to the Middle East conflict was for Israelis to pick up and leave the region. While that may have been the most serious gaffe of the campaign vis-a-vis the Jewish community, Alencar wasn’t… More ▸

  • It Truly is a Dog’s World As Need for Security Increases

    “Our standards are so high that only one in a thousand qualify,” Mike Herstik says. “Those accepted get their college education here and then go to Israel for graduate work.” Herstik is not the admissions officer at an Ivy League university but the director of canine operations for Pups for Peace, an innovative project to… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Gearing Up, Hoping to Avoid Another Durban

    If Sept. 11 was a wake-up call for America, then Durban, South Africa, was a wake- up call for Jews. Neither America nor Jewish groups were prepared for the well-orchestrated attacks that hit them. Only days before the terrorist attacks shook this country nearly a year ago, the United States and Israel stormed out of… More ▸

  • Russian Immigrants in West Bank Stay for Ideology — or Economics

    Irina Raginskaya and Anna Rosenshtein are both immigrants from the former Soviet Union who live in the West Bank — but there the similarities end. Raginskaya made aliyah in 1994 with her family. Since then her husband died and her only son returned to Moscow. She says she wants to leave her modest apartment in… More ▸

  • Reform Group Plans to Publish New Women’s Torah Commentary

    Amid a growing interest in Jewish women’s studies, a Reform group is commissioning what will be the most comprehensive women’s Torah commentary ever. Announced days before Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah, the book will be written entirely by women and is expected to take about five years to complete. Edited by… More ▸