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  • Yale Institute Founder Thinks Big in the Fight Against Anti-semitism

    Charles Small dreams big. The founder of the new Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism, Small is going after nothing less than the modern plague of prejudice. It’s something he learned growing up in Montreal in a strongly Jewish family that stayed put despite occasional waves of anti-Semitism. You don’t give up, and… More ▸

  • Conservative Decision on Gays Will Be a Watershed, Either Way

    Whatever decision the Conservative movement reaches next week on its approach to homosexuality, it will be a watershed. The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, the movement’s highest legal authority, is expected to vote on five separate teshuvot, or responsa, that range from a complete overturn of the traditional prohibition on homosexual intercourse to a… More ▸

  • Georgian Jews in Russia Suffer Because of Diplomatic Dispute

    The Georgian community in Russia is suffering from the current diplomatic crisis between Russia and their home country. That includes thousands of Georgian-born Jews who immigrated to Russia after the fall of communism and a civil war that ravaged their small state in the Caucasus. “We are all victims of this conflict, both Georgians and… More ▸

  • Highlights of Jewish News: 5766 September 2005

    JERUSALEM — Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians hold rallies calling for a return to peace talks and an end to violence in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Some 10,000 people attend the Ramallah rally and 7,000 assemble in Jerusalem. VIENNA — Simon Wiesenthal, a survivor of Nazi death camps who went on to found an eponymous human… More ▸

  • Despite Tensions in Mideast, Some Joint Business Ventures Bloom

    At Abdallah El-Obra’s flower hothouse, the drip-irrigation tubes come from Tel Aviv-based Netafim Ltd., while Israel’s Ginegar Plastic Products Ltd. supplies the sheeting. The computerized irrigation system, manufactured by Galcon, is supplied by Kibbutz Kfar Blum in the Galilee. In fact, the only thing not Israeli about this operation is its location — just down… More ▸

  • Mckinney Loses Again in Georgia, but This Time She Can’t Blame Jews

    Blame Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s defeat this time around on the G-E-O-R-G-I-A-N-S. So says Atlanta Jewish activist Stephen Oppenheimer, referring to the infamous charge by McKinney’s father, Billy, who blamed her 2002 defeat on the "J-E-W-S." Four years ago, a national network of Jews funneled nearly $1 million into the campaign coffers of Denise Majette, who… More ▸

  • U.S. Groups Raising Millions As Needs of Israelis Intensify

    The injured need ambulances and medical care. Those fleeing the North need places to stay. And the men and women who serve in Israel’s armed forces need equipment to make their mission a bit more bearable — and safe. Beyond the cost in human lives, Israel’s war with Hezbollah is expensive. American Jewish organizations, which… More ▸