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The Palestine Economic Corporation

  • Morgenthau Named Palestine Economic Corporation Board Chairman; Montor is Vice-president

    The election of Henry Morgenthau, Jr., former Secretary of the Treasury and one-time general chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, as chairman of the board of the Palestine Economic Corporation was announced here late today. The announcement also stated that Henry Montor, former executive vice-chairman of the U.J.A., had been named vice-president of the P.E.C…. More ▸

  • Haganah Repulses Two Attacks in Jerusalem Area; Poale Mizrachi Settlement Safe

    Jewish forces in the Jerusalem area today pulsed two major Arab attacks and in at least one instance sent the guerrilla ##rces reeling back. The major Arab defeat come at the Poale Mizrachi settlement of Neve Yaacob, five miles north of Jerusalem. The raid, led by Emil Ghoury, member of the Palestine Arab Higher Committee,… More ▸

  • Palestine Economic Corporation Plans to Increase Investments, Julius Simon Says

    The Palestine Economic Corporation is planning to expand its operations in Palestine, Julius Simon, president, who has just returned from a tour of inspection there, said today. Pointing out that by far the largest part of the P.E.C.’s investments are in Jewish areas, Simon said the Corporation now has $5,000,000 invested in Palestine and plans… More ▸

  • Jewish State Must Be Aided by Foreign Capital As Was U.s., Leman Tells Pec Dinner

    A parallel between the growth of the United States with the aid of friends abroad and imported capital and the possibilities for development of the Jewish state in Palestine with similar assistance was drawn here tonight by former Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, addressing a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria to mark his election to the honorary… More ▸

  • Former Gov. Lehman Named Honorary Chairman of Palestine Economic Corporation

    Former Gov. Herbert H. Lehman has been elected honorary chairman of the Palestine Economic Corporation, it was announced here by Robert Szold, chairman of the P.E.C. Gov. Lehman has been associated with the corporation since 1925 when, in collaboration with Felix Warburg, Bernard Flexner, the Joint Distribution Committee and others, he helped found it. The… More ▸

  • Extremists Hold Up Bank in Tel Aviv; Kill Four Britons, Escape with $180,000

    A band of extremists today robbed Barclay’s Bank in the heart of Tel Aviv and escaped with $180,000 after killing four British constables, seriously wounding a fifth and wounding six Jewish bystanders who were hospitalized. In one of the most daring daylight robberies ever carried out in Palestine, the band, believed to be Sternists, attacked… More ▸

  • Palestine Economic Corporation Will Purchase $5,000,000 Worth of Supplies in U.S.

    Corporations affiliated with the Palestine Economic Corporation will purchase some $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 worth of industrial supplies and agricultural machinery in the United States this year, if Britain grants (##) necessary import licenses, Julius Simon, president of the P.E.C., declared at a (##) conference here. He announced that the corporation was seeking to buy as… More ▸

  • Palestine Economic Corporation Reports Profit; Says Palestine is Fit for Investment

    The net profit of the Palestine Economic Corporation in 1946 amounted to $286,446, after Palestine, British and United States tares had been deducted, Robert Szold, chairman of the board of directors, announced today. Last year was one of the most profitable in the twenty-year history of the Palestine Economic Corporation, largest American business enterprise in… More ▸