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  • Israel to Renew Work on Diverting Jordan River Waters to Lake Tiberias

    Labor Minister Yigal Allon announced today that Israel plans soon to renew its postponed project for diverting the Jordan River’s northern waters. The plan would divert the river from a point south of the B’not Yaacov Bridge to lead the stream toward Lake Tiberias so that a huge waterfall would result, to be used as… More ▸

  • Israel Starts Salvage Work of Vessel in Lake Tiberias; Syria Agrees

    Salvage work on an Israel Coast Guard cutter, stranded in Lake Tiberias since the Syrian-Israel clash in the area 10 days ago, began today after United Nations officials persuaded Syria to end its opposition to the operation. The Syrians had massed troops and armor at the site on the northeastern shore of the lake to… More ▸

  • Salvage of Syrian Soviet-made Mig from Lake Tiberias Becomes Issue

    Israel’s Foreign Minister, Abba Eban, opened a series of meetings here today with diplomats representing governments which have membership on the United Nations Security Council, to explain to those governments that Israel views Syria’s claims regarding salvage of its sunken MIG-17 in Lake Tiberias with “gravity.” The Soviet-made plane was sunk by Israeli anti-aircraft fire… More ▸

  • Syrians Fire at Israel for Second Day in the Same Tiberias Area

    Syrian gun posts across the Jordan River, near the river’s inlet into Lake Tiberias, opened fire again at Israeli border patrols today. It was the second successive attack in two days. The shootings today occurred in the area of Korazim, not far from the Almagor region where the Syrians attacked another patrol yesterday. Israel’s frontier… More ▸

  • Tests on Water Carrier Project from Lake Tiberias to Negev Continue

    Tests continued today all along the 70-mile section of the National Water Carrier project from Lake Tiberias to the southern terminal of the northern section at Rosh Haayin. Rosh Haayin is also the starting point of the Yarkon-Negev portion of the huge pipeline project which taps the Jordan River through Lake Tiberias. It was disclosed… More ▸

  • Jordan Waters Reach Southern Distribution Station from Lake Tiberias

    A second test of all sections of Israel’s National Water Carrier pipe network brought water from Lake Tiberias to the Southern distributing station north of Petah Tikvah, Agriculture Minister Moshe Dayan disclosed early today. President Shazar visited the installations at Lake Tiberias pumping station and later viewed the 70-mile system between Lake Tiberias and Petah… More ▸

  • Six Persons on Israeli Boat Kidnapped by Syrians on Lake Tiberias

    Syrian officials informed Israel today through United Nations observers, that they were holding six persons missing since Saturday after departing for a boat trip on Lake Tiberias. Israel demanded the immediate return of the group, which included three Belgian citizens, charging that they were kidnapped by Syrians who entered Israeli waters. According to reports here,… More ▸

  • Israel Resumes Work Near Lake Tiberias; Syrians Re-group Forces

    Work was resumed without incident this morning at Tel Katzir, the Israeli settlement near Lake Tiberias which was subjected to repeated attacks from Syrian positions before heavy rains interrupted work in the region two weeks ago. The land plowed today included those areas which were set afire by the Syrians in the last incident on… More ▸

  • Israelis Fight Huge Fires Started by Syrian Shells Near Lake Tiberias

    Members of the Tel Katzir kibbutz fought almost until dawn today, with the aid of volunteers and fire equipment from nearby settlements to bring under control huge fires caused by a fierce Syrian bombardment yesterday afternoon. The barn and hay store of the settlement were set ablaze and a number of cows were killed. One… More ▸

  • Rebbe of Sadigora Dies in Israel; Thousands Follow Coffin to Tiberias

    Thousands of disciples accompanied the coffin today of Rabbi Abraham Yaacov Friedman, the Tzadik of Sadigora to Tiberias which had been chosen by the Chassidic leader as his burial place. He died Saturday night at the age of 76. A founder of the Agudath Israel and one of the leaders of the Council of Sages,… More ▸