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  • Syrians Fire on Workers Near Lake Tiberias; Israel Complains to U. N.

    Syrian gun positions opened fire this morning on Israeli workers employed on a water-piping project in the Tel Katzir area, southeast of Lake Tiberias. According to a Government spokesman here, there were no casualties among the Israelis. The Government at once filed a complaint with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization, which sent military observers… More ▸

  • Israel Warns Syria on Interfering with Fishing on Lake Tiberias

    The Israel Foreign Ministry today asked the United Nations Truce headquarters to warn Syria to halt interference with Israel fishing on Lake Tiberias before the situation deteriorated further. The Syrians during the last fishing season several times attacked Israel fishermen, wounding and killing several, in attempts to steal nets and other equipment. With the opening… More ▸

  • Canadian Fur Industry to Help Build Trade School in Tiberias

    The Canadian Fur Industry will contribute $100,000 for the construction of a trade school in Tiberias, Israel, Philip Grossman, chairman of a dinner for the project, disclosed today. The dinner was held in honor of El Herman, a leading figure in the Canadian fur industry, who recently returned from a visit to Israel. He reported… More ▸

  • Israeli Killed when Syrians Fire on Lake Tiberias Village

    An Israeli policeman was killed and a civilian injured today when Syrian forces opened fire from their positions on a group of Israel workmen at Tei Katzira, on the eastern bank of Lake Tiberias. The Syrians fired only a few rounds and then ceased action. Subsequently, Syrian authorities announced that Israel had been massing forces… More ▸

  • Syrians Open Fire on Israeli Fishermen at Lake Tiberias; Four Wounded

    Four Israeli fishermen were wounded, one seriously, when Syrian troops on the east bank of Lake Tiberias opened fire on them some time past midnight this morning. A police boat which hurried to the aid of the fishermen was also fired on by the Syrians. According to reports from the scene of the incident, the… More ▸

  • Syrians Fire on Israeli Fishermen at Lake Tiberias; One Wounded

    Syrian gun positions on the east bank of Lake Tiberias opened fire on Israel fishing boats today, wounding one fisherman. This is the second time that Syrian gunners have attempted to interfere with Israeli fishing operations since December, 1955, when Israeli forces mounted a single sharp and deadly attack on Syrian artillery units which had… More ▸

  • Start Work on New Hydroelectric Plant Near Lake Tiberias

    Work was begun today on the first stage of a new hydroelectric project being built at the site of the ancient Hebraic town of Tabgha, on Lake Tiberias, near the modern settlement of Ginnosar. A test tunnel was dug at the site some time ago to determine the geologic structure of the area preparatory to… More ▸

  • Syria Renews Shooting on Israeli Fishermen at Lake Tiberias

    Syrian gun posts on the eastern shore of Lake Tiberias opened fire on Israeli fishermen in the northeast corner of the lake this morning. The Israelis cut loose their nets and escaped without returning fire. Simultaneously, Syria warned today that it will resist by force any attempts “to divers Jordan River waters from the Syrian-Israel… More ▸

  • Israel Reveals Syrian Military Plot to Claim Part of Lake Tiberias

    Documents seized during the Israeli raid of December 11 on Syrian outposts on Lake Tiberias conclusively prove that the Syrian shelling of Israel fishermen and patro vessels was carried out on the express orders of the Syrian high command in line with a policy of attempting to establish claims to a portion of the lake,… More ▸

  • Situation on Syrian Front Tense; Israelis Resume Fishing on Tiberias

    The situation along the Syrian-Israel border was described by authoritative sources today as “tense,” but without incidents. Israeli fishermen resumed their fishing along the eastern bank of Lake Tiberias and were not disturbed by the Syrians. On the other hand, the Syrians returned to the posts demolished last week by the Israelis in retaliation for… More ▸