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  • Habima Trouper Dies; Hurt in Tiberias Wreck

    Jacob Avital, member of the Habima Hebrew Dramatic Ensemble, died yesterday of injuries received when a bus carrying the troupe to Tiberias turned over Sunday. Other members of the troupe, all of whom were hurt and one of them seriously injured, were reported at the hospital as improving. More ▸

  • Tiberias Deputy Mayor Killed in Arab Drive on Moderates; Jewess Dies

    Ibrahim Jousef, deputy mayor of Tiberias, was shot dead last midnight in what was regarded is Arab extremist terrorism against moderates. Another Arab and a Jewess were also murdered over the weekend. Jousef was shot in the Arab village of Shafraam while returning home from a wedding celebration. He was a lawyer and had refused… More ▸

  • To Demand Curb on “cold Pogrom” in Tiberias, Safed

    The Jewish National Council of Palestine decided today to send a delegation to Chief Secretary John Hathorn-Hall, acting executive in the absence of High Commissioner Wauchope, on the situation in Tiberias and Safed. The delegation will ask immediate action to liquidate what is described as a “cold pogrom” being conducted by Arabs in these cities…. More ▸

  • Tension Rises in Holy Land As New Killing Follows Tiberias Clashes

    The murder of a Jewish teacher today, following disorders in Tiberias in which 66 persons were injured and sporadic violence in the vicinity, resulted in increased tension. Haim Brook, 21, recently arrived from Germany, was found stabbed to death near Beth Alpha with a blood-stained scrapbook near his body containing his last words: “Arabs stabbed… More ▸

  • Arabs Stone Jewish Soccer Team in Tiberias

    An Anglo-Jewish soccer team was stoned here today by Arabs, resulting in a half-hour fight during which several Jews were slightly injured. Windows of Jews’ houses were broken. More ▸

  • Concentration Camp for 4 Tiberias Jewish Leaders; Jaffa Curfew Lifted

    Four prominent Jewish leaders of Tiberias, ancient capital of lower Galilees, will be taken to the government concentration camp at Sarafend, it was learned today. The reason for their impending detention has not been ascertained. The four are Josef Nachmani, Josef Abulafia, Mordechai Goldzveig and M. Guberman. The twenty-one hour curfew imposed by the government… More ▸

  • Tiberias Gripped by 3-day Wave of Anti-jewish Attacks

    Tiberias, ancient capital of Lower Galilee, was today in the grip of severe anti-Jewish disorders that have been increasing in intensity for the past three days. Organized Arab attacks on Jews are spreading from the city limits into the surrounding agricultural hinterland. This morning hundreds of Arabs stoned Jewish homes and passersby, smashed windows and… More ▸

  • 2 Jews, 12 Arabs Hurt in Tiberias Strike Demonstration

    With twenty of their coreligionists slain in week-end encounters with British troops, Arabs today staged demonstrations marking the hundredth day of the general strike against Jewish immigration and sale of Arab land to Jews. Two Jews and twelve Arabs were injured during a clash lasting hours that followed an attempt by an Arab crowd to… More ▸

  • Palestine Marks Rambam Birth at Tiberias Bier

    In the presence of thousands of Jewish pilgrims from all over the country, and representatives of national Jewish organizations, the octocentenary celebration of the birth of Moses Maimonides, the Jewish philosopher and physician who is buried in Tiberias, opened here today. The municipality of Tiberias was represented at the ceremonies by Zaki-Alchariv, Jewish mayor of… More ▸