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  • Jewish Flags Flying for Rambam Ordered Removed in Tiberias

    The Jewish population in Palestine was shocked today by a sudden police order to remove Jewish flags decorating the houses in honor of Maimonides, the Jewish philosopher and physician, who is buried in Tiberias and whose octocentenary is now being celebrated throughout the world. The celebration in honor of Maimonides will start here tomorrow and… More ▸

  • Tiberias to Hold Fete at Rambam’s Tomb

    Preparations for the Rambam celebrations here where the sage’s grave is situated, concluded today. The celebrations will be held at the tomb April 22. The Jewish community sent out today special delegates all over Palestine to invite Jewish institutions from all over the country to participate in the celebrations. More ▸

  • Mayor of Tel Aviv Leaves for Tiberias

    Meier Dizengoff, the 74-year old mayor of Tel Aviv, who has been suffering illness for the last few months, left today for Tiberias, to convalesce there for several weeks. More ▸

  • Britain Honors Hadassah Nurse Who Was Hero of Tiberias Flood

    A medal of the Order of the British Empire, one of the highest decorations awarded by Great Britain annually, has been given to Mrs. Ahuvah Wittenberg Passy, a nurse in the Hadassah health welfare center in Tiberias, Palestine, for her valiant rescue work during the flood in Tiberias last May, according to information from Palestine… More ▸

  • Colonies for Orthodox Planned Near Tiberias

    The Agudath Israel, orthodox Jewish religious organization, ha# decided to build colonies in Palestine for orthodox settlers on 25,000 dunams of land near Tiberias, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today. The Agudath executive is sending a delegation to Palestine to map out details and make final arrangements for the project. More ▸

  • Tiberias Escapes Flood Devastation

    Another triumph for modern science occurred here when Tiberias was once again subjected to a terrific hailstorm followed by a torrential downpour, which sent millions of gallons of water down the hillsides. This time, however, the new channels leading to Lake Kinereth carried the flood waters away and the city was unharmed. Last May a… More ▸

  • New, Sanitary Tiberias Arises on Flood-ravaged Town’s Ruins

    The sight of this ruined old town rising Phoenix-like on the ashes and debris that resulted from the May cloudbursts is a refreshing one to those who motor down towards the lakeside from the heights near Mizpah, Jewish colony many generations old. Indeed, were it not for the loss of lives and the chaos that… More ▸

  • Tiberias Police Arrest 36 Jews on Illegal Entry

    Tiberias police today arrested thirty-six Jewish women and children on the charge that they entered Palestine illegally. Information leading to the arrests was furnished the police by an Arab chauffeur of Tiberias. The entire group was jailed pending deportation. More ▸

  • Better City to Arise on Ruins of Tiberias, Says Palestine Visitor

    The recent cloudburst in Tiberias has its silver lining as far as the development of that ancient city is concerned, is the opinion of Judge Bernard A. Rosenblatt, who recently returned to New York after an extended stay in Palestine. “In the long run, Tiberias will gain from the catastrophe,” said the Judge, “for a… More ▸

  • Order of B’nai B’rith Aids Tiberias Victims

    B’nai B’rith has sent a substantial sum to Palestine for direct relief of the victims of the flood in Tiberias, it was announced today by Alfred M. Cohen, president of the order. The money was sent to Dr. David Yellin, president of B’nai B’rith’s Palestine District Grand Lodge, which is aiding in the collection of… More ▸