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  • Restoration of Looted Property, Full Rights, Promised Polish Jews by New Committee

    Polish Jews were assured today by the new polish Committee of National Liberation, which has established headquarters in Chelm, in central Poland, that their looted property will be restored and that all legal rights will be guaranteed them. The assurance was contained in a manifesto broadcast by the Moscow radio. The head of the War… More ▸

  • Germans Eradicate Traces of Their Mass-executions of Jews in Poland; Burn Bodies

    German authorities in occupied Poland are now engaged in eradicating all traces of their mass-executions of Jews, it was reliably reported here today. Acting on instructions from Berlin, German administrators throughout Poland have ordered the exhumation of the bodies of Jews from mass-graves and the burning of these bodies so as to leave no trace… More ▸

  • Jewish Partisans in Hungary Attack Gestapo Train; Liberate Deported Jews

    Jewish partisans in the sub-Carpathian section of Hungary, which was formerly a part of Czechoslovakia, last week attacked a train carrying deported Jews from Munkacevo and other sub-Carpathian towns to occupied Poland and released all the deportees, it is reported here today in dispatches from Hungary. The liberated Jews are at present hiding in the… More ▸

  • Jewish Underground Movement in Poland Sends First-hand Report to Jews of America

    The first comprehensive report from the Jewish underground movement ever to reach this country was made public here today by the World Jewish Congress. It describes in detail how Jews revolted against the Germans not only in the ghetto of Warsaw, but also in the ghettos of Bialystok, Czastochowa, Wilno, Tarnow, Bendzin and in the… More ▸

  • German Data Reveals 1,071,600 Polish Jews Transported to Extermination Camps

    Official statistics of the German Railways operating in occupied Poland reveal that 1,071,600 doomed Jews were transported to Treblinka, Belzetz and other “extermination camps” during the year beginning April 1, 1942 and ending March 31, 1943, it was reported here today at a session of the Zionist Actions Committee demoted to the question of rescuing… More ▸

  • Germans Build Huge Funeral Pyre to Incinerate Polish Jews, Underground Reports

    An indication of the scale on which the Nazi massacres of Jews are still being carried out in Poland is given in a report received from underground sources by Emanuel Szerer, a Jewish deputy in the Polish National Council. When the incinerator at the Majdanek “death camp” broke down for several days, the report discloses,… More ▸

  • Further Reports of Liquidation of Polish Ghettos Reach London; Poles Praised

    A detailed report of the liquidation of the smaller Jewish ghettos in Poland by the Nazis during last May and June was received here today by Dr. Ignacy Schwarzbart, a deputy in the Polish National Council. The report says that the ghettos in Piaski, Komskowole, Siedlice, Lukow and Radzyn were wiped out. In the town… More ▸

  • Germans Have Established Nine Separate Concentration Camps for Polish Jews

    Nine of the many concentration camps which have been established by the German occupation authorities in Poland are used solely for Jewish prisoners, while Jews are also confined in three other camps, according to information gathered by a special commission of the Polish Government, which was made public here today. The “Jewish camps” are located… More ▸

  • Bbc Special Broadcast Estimates 3,000,000 European Jews Killed by Germans

    Marking the forthcoming anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Nazi atrocities in occupied Europe, which was issued on Dec. 17, 1942, the British Broadcasting Company today broadcast a summary of German atrocities against Jews, estimating that 3,000,000 European Jews have been killed since the outbreak of the war. The broadcaster stated that Poland has… More ▸