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  • Polish Jews Indict War Criminals Responsible for Mass Murders

    The names of the ten men who head the list of German war criminals whose punishment will be demanded by the Jews of Poland after hostilities cease were made public today together with descriptions of the crimes with which they are charged. Addressing a press conference, attended by “Edward Warsawski,” a survivor of the Warsaw… More ▸

  • Agreement with Guerrillas Paved Way for Jewish Revolt in Polish Death Camp

    .textad {display: none!important;} The recent revolt of the Jewish prisoners in the Treblinka “death camp” in Poland, during which a good part of the camp was burned down and many prisoners escaped, was made possible when an underground organization of young Jewish men and women within the camp succeeded in establishing contact with a band… More ▸

  • Jews in “death Camp” Revolt, Set Fire to Execution Chambers and Barracks

    Jewish prisoners in the notorious Treblinka concentration camp in Poland revolted in August, setting fire to barracks and other buildings and also to the gas chambers in which thousands of Jews have been executed according to a report reaching the Polish Government-in-Exile here today. The report does not give any further details. Reports reaching here… More ▸

  • Nazis Exhuming Bodies and Cremating Them to Hide Crimes from United Nations

    Fearing the retribution which the United Nations announced they would deal out to them for their atrocities against civilians, the Nazis in Poland are endeavoring to remove all traces of their crimes against Poles and Jews, according to a report in the Dziennik Polski, official organ of the Polish Government-in-Exile, published in London. The Nazis,… More ▸

  • Extermination of Dutch Jews in Polish Concentration Camps Reported

    The Polish Government today reported that “many thousands” of Jews who were deported by the Nazis from Holland were sent to the notorious Treblinka concentration camp in occupied Poland where they were executed in special “death chambers” which the Nazis recently “improved” to facilitate the massgassing of Jewish internees. The same report, which came from… More ▸

  • Polish Government Compiles “blacklists” of Nazi Scientists Gassing Jews

    The Polish Government today announced that it is compiling “blacklists” of German scientists who are experimenting with new lethal gasses on Jews and Poles interned in concentration camps in occupied Poland. The lists of those conducting experiments in the death chambers of the Oswiecim and Treblinka camps will be made public soon, the announcement said…. More ▸

  • Warsaw Jews Were Transported to Treblinka Camp, Polish Government Learns

    Details of the mass-deportation of the Jews from the Warsaw ghetto prior to the uprising there reached the Polish Government here today. They disclose that 60 Jews committed suicide in the ghetto within six days and 2,648 Jewish men and women were shot during the same period when they resisted deportation orders. “Many Jewish parents… More ▸

  • Quarter of a Million Jews Sent from Warsaw Ghetto to Execution Camp in Two Months

    Statistics revealing how the Warsaw ghetto was cleared of nearly a quarter of a million Jews in a two-month period last Summer were made public here today by the Polish Government, on the basis of official German figures obtained from Nazi newspapers and governmental reports. Mass-deportations began last July 22, the Polish Government said, adding… More ▸