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  • Sportsmanship over Politics in Israeli-tunisian Match

    For the first time, a match was held between an Israeli team and that of an Arab country, according to a spokesman for the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He said that at an inter-university handball tournament held last month in West Germany, a team from Ben Gurion University competed against a Tunisian group… More ▸

  • Eec-arab Dialogue Begins in Tunis

    Richard Faber, Assistant Undersecretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will lead the European team at the European Economic Community (EEC)-Arab dialogue committee meeting which opens tomorrow in Tunis. As reported last week, the EEC will not welcome Arab calls that it should speak out on the need for convening the Geneva conference and for… More ▸

  • 17 Jews Arrested in Tunisia

    The Tunisian daily “Al Alam” reported today that several French and Tunisian Jews have been arrested and charged with illegal dealings in foreign currencies. The paper, official publication of the governmental “Neo Destur” Party said that altogether 10 people have been arrested, “most of whom are Jews.” The Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned from Tunisian Jews… More ▸

  • Tunisian Jews Worried About Merger

    The announcement of the Libya-Tunisia merger into the Arab Islamic Republic has come as a great shock to Jews in Tunisia. Jewish sources in Tunisia told the JTA here by telephone. The 8000 Jews in Tunisia who once felt “protected” by President Habib Bourguiba now appear completely “lost,” these sources said. Many Jewish businessmen and… More ▸

  • Tunisian Official Urges Direct Israel-palestinian Negotiations

    Tunisian Foreign Minister Abdelaziz Bouteflika, ending a three-day official visit to France, declared here today that direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were “possible.” When asked how he envisaged a settlement of the conflict, he said he had no “miraculous solution” but added: “Only the evacuation of the occupied territories and the recognition of… More ▸

  • London Times Says Groundwork Laid for Tunisian-israeli Talks

    President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia has succeeded in winning the tacit approval of most Arab states and of the Palestinian guerrilla leadership for his plan to initiate Middle East peace talks with Israel, the London Times reported here today. The Tunisian leader also sounded out American reaction to the plan before he made it public… More ▸

  • Tunisian Jew, Accused of Zionist Espionage, Faces Trial

    A 25-year-old Tunisian Jew, Rene Marzouk, accused of Zionist espionage, spreading Zionist propaganda, and belonging to an illegal group, is to appear Sept. 16 before a special Tunisian court dealing with acts against the State. It is the first time in Tunisia that a Jew has been officially accused of espionage and Zionist activities. The… More ▸

  • Link Tunisia with Munich Terrorists

    Israeli political circles claimed today that there were indications of a link between Tunisia and the Arab terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli Olympians in Munich. The circles also said there was evidence of a change in Tunisia’s hitherto moderate position on the Middle East conflict. They referred to reports that the terrorists who invaded the… More ▸

  • Son of Murdered Tunisian Rabbi Says Killer Was a Palestinian

    The son of Tunisian Rabbi Matzliah Maazouz who was murdered last January, claimed today that Tunisian authorities concealed the true identity of the killer. Meir Maazouz himself a rabbi who arrived here last night with his family, said he learned from a Jewish eyewitness to the murder that his father’s killer was a Palestinian, not… More ▸