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  • Anti-american Demonstrations in Tunis Force Rogers to Cancel Visit to University

    Anti-American demonstrations forced Secretary of State William P. Rogers to cancel a visit today to Tunis University. More than 100 students tried to march on the United States Embassy in Tunis to protest American Mideast policies. About 2000 others gathered in the center of the capital shouting “Nixon assassin” and “Palestine for the Arabs.” The… More ▸

  • Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Says Direct Negotiations Only Way to Mideast Peace

    The Foreign Minister of Tunisia declared here yesterday that a Middle East settlement could be achieved only between the Israelis and Palestinians and that the interference of outsiders was in itself a cause of the conflict. Habib Bourguiba, Jr., son of the President of Tunisia, said the Arab countries would never be able to eliminate… More ▸

  • Foreign Minister of Tunisia Says Israel Must Be Seen As a Fact

    Foreign Minister Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia, who is on an official visit here, said at a press conference today that his country regards the creation of Israel as a new form of colonialism infringing on the Arab world. But, he maintained, the Arabs have to accept the realistic view that Israel is a fact and… More ▸

  • Johnson Greets Tunisia’s Bourguiba, Reiterates Support for Five-point Policy

    President Johnson today reiterated his five-point policy for Arab-Israel peace in greeting an official guest, President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia. President Johnson, at a brief ceremony of welcome, referred to the Middle East situation and recalled the five points of United States policy he proclaimed last June. “I restate these principles today…our commitments to those… More ▸

  • French Chief Rabbi Appeals for Aid for Tunisian, Moroccan Refugees

    An appeal for aid on behalf of more than 10,000 recently arrived Jews from Tunisia and Morocco was issued here today by Grand Rabbi Jacob Kaplan. Many of the newcomers left their homes in fear of Arab reprisals following the Six-Day War. Rabbi Kaplan called on the French Jewish Community to respond to the needs… More ▸

  • President of Tunisia Reiterates Call to Arabs to End State of War with Israel

    Tunisia’s President Habib Bourguiba called this weekend again for an end to the Arab insistence on a continued state of belligerency against Israel, and by implication blamed Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser for precipitating the June war by refusing to recognize the existence of Israel. His blast came as the foreign ministers of most Arab… More ▸

  • Tunisia Criticizes the ‘violent Nature’ of Arab Propaganda Against Israel

    The Arab Foreign Ministers conference in Khartoum split sharply yesterday over proposals on unification of Arab action against Israel, it was reported here today from the Sudan. The delegation of Tunisia, which repeatedly urged Israel-Arab negotiations before the June war, deplored the “violent nature” of anti-Israel propaganda by some Arab countries before the outbreak of… More ▸

  • 54 Moslems Sentenced in Tunis for Participation in Anti-jewish Riots

    One Moslem was sentenced to a prison term of 20 years at hard labor, and 53 others received terms ranging up to 15 years at the conclusion of a four day trial in Tunis yesterday on charges of participating in anti-Jewish riots on June 5, the day war broke out between the Arab states and… More ▸

  • Tunisian Government to Evaluate Losses Suffered by Jews During Recent Riots

    The Tunisian Government has created a commission to evaluate losses suffered by Jewish merchants in recent Arab rioting touched off by Israel’s victory over the Arab states in the war this month, it was reported here today from Tunis. The losses were suffered when the mobs looted and burned Jewish-owned stores. Despite the disquiet created… More ▸