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  • Tunisian Jew, Accused of Zionist Espionage, Faces Trial

    A 25-year-old Tunisian Jew, Rene Marzouk, accused of Zionist espionage, spreading Zionist propaganda, and belonging to an illegal group, is to appear Sept. 16 before a special Tunisian court dealing with acts against the State. It is the first time in Tunisia that a Jew has been officially accused of espionage and Zionist activities. The… More ▸

  • Link Tunisia with Munich Terrorists

    Israeli political circles claimed today that there were indications of a link between Tunisia and the Arab terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli Olympians in Munich. The circles also said there was evidence of a change in Tunisia’s hitherto moderate position on the Middle East conflict. They referred to reports that the terrorists who invaded the… More ▸

  • Son of Murdered Tunisian Rabbi Says Killer Was a Palestinian

    The son of Tunisian Rabbi Matzliah Maazouz who was murdered last January, claimed today that Tunisian authorities concealed the true identity of the killer. Meir Maazouz himself a rabbi who arrived here last night with his family, said he learned from a Jewish eyewitness to the murder that his father’s killer was a Palestinian, not… More ▸

  • Jca 1971 Budget Includes Aid to Jews in Tunisia, Morocco, Other Activities

    The administrative council of the Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) approved a 1971 budget this week that continues aid to the Jewish community remnants in Morocco and Tunisia; includes the customary support for such organizations as the World ORT Union, the Alliance Israelite Universelle, and the scholarship fund for agricultural students in Israel; and provides aid… More ▸

  • Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Denounces Terrorist Attacks on Civilian Airlines

    The Foreign Minister of Tunisia today strongly denounced terrorist attacks on civilian aircraft which, he said, did not serve the Arab cause. Habib Bourguiba Jr., who is visiting West Germany, also indicated a relatively moderate attitude toward Israel. Replying to questions at a press conference, he predicted that Israel one day will have to negotiate… More ▸

  • Tunisian Prime Minister Says His Country Supports Palestinian Arabs

    Prime Minister Bahi Labgham, of Tunisia declared here today that his country was “in complete solidarity with the Palestinians and will not change its line from that of any other Arab state.” In an interview with Le Monde, he said the Tunisian Government will do whatever it can “in order to further the fight of… More ▸

  • Anti-american Demonstrations in Tunis Force Rogers to Cancel Visit to University

    Anti-American demonstrations forced Secretary of State William P. Rogers to cancel a visit today to Tunis University. More than 100 students tried to march on the United States Embassy in Tunis to protest American Mideast policies. About 2000 others gathered in the center of the capital shouting “Nixon assassin” and “Palestine for the Arabs.” The… More ▸

  • Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Says Direct Negotiations Only Way to Mideast Peace

    The Foreign Minister of Tunisia declared here yesterday that a Middle East settlement could be achieved only between the Israelis and Palestinians and that the interference of outsiders was in itself a cause of the conflict. Habib Bourguiba, Jr., son of the President of Tunisia, said the Arab countries would never be able to eliminate… More ▸

  • Foreign Minister of Tunisia Says Israel Must Be Seen As a Fact

    Foreign Minister Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia, who is on an official visit here, said at a press conference today that his country regards the creation of Israel as a new form of colonialism infringing on the Arab world. But, he maintained, the Arabs have to accept the realistic view that Israel is a fact and… More ▸