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  • A Viation Group Condemns Israel for Violating Tunisian Airspace

    The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) condemned Israel last night for the “violation of Tunisian airspace by Israel which endangered international civil aviation.” The United States delegate, Edmund Stohr, disassociated the U.S. from the resolution because “I think that the terrorist action against Israel should have been taken into consideration.” This was… More ▸

  • Report Berserk Tunisian Soldier Killed One Jew, Wounded Several Others

    Press reports from Tunis today said a berserk Tunisian soldier shot and killed at least one Jew and wounded several others when he opened fire on Jews in or near a synagogue in Jerba during holiday services. The reports said the crazed man was shot to death by fellow soldiers. The small Jewish community in… More ▸

  • Reagan Praises Tunisia and Bourguiba in Seeking to Resolve Mideast Conflict

    President Reagan, in his weekly radio address yesterday, praised Tunisia and President Habib Bourguiba’s role in seeking to bring about a resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict. “There is a particularly bitter irony about events of the past week because President Bourguiba was one of the very first to urge a negotiated settlement of the Arab-Israel… More ▸

  • Netanyahu Tells UN Assembly That Israel’s Attack on PLO Bases in Tunisia Was Act of Self-defense

    Israel defended its attack on Palestine Liberation Organization bases in Tunisia, telling the Security Council last night that it was an act of “self-defense” and “a legitimate response to acts of terrorism.” Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, told the Council, which went into session at Tunisia’s request after the Israeli air raid, that… More ▸

  • Knesset Unit Approves of Israel’s Strike on PLO Hq in Tunisia

    The Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee yesterday overwhelmingly approved of Tuesday’s Israel Air Force raid on Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters in Tunisia and sent an official message of congratulations to the Israel Defense Force for planning and executing the precision bombing of targets 1,500 miles from Israel. Only one committee member dissented. Yossi Sarid… More ▸

  • Shamir at UN Assembly Says Israel Attacked PLO Bases in Tunisia Because Terrorists Were Mounting Att

    Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir of Israel told the General Assembly today that Israel attacked Palestine Liberation Organization bases in Tunisia yesterday “after it became evident that the terrorists were mounting attacks from Tunisia with impunity.” In his speech to the 40th session of the General Assembly outlining Israel’s foreign policy tenets, Shamir referred briefly to… More ▸

  • Israel Air Force Jets Blast PLO Headquarters in Tunisia

    Israel Air Force jets blasted Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters in Tunisia, about 20 miles from the capital city of Tunis today and returned to their bases in Israel. Five, or possibly six Israeli aircraft took part in the precision bombing, according to eye-witness accounts from Tunisia. They flew 1,500 miles to their target and the… More ▸