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  • Anti-semitism in Tunisia

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith today denounced the emergence of anti-Semitism in Tunisia. In a cable to President Habib Bourguiba, Abraham Foxman, ADL’s associate national director and the head of its international affairs department, cited two recent instances of anti-Semitic materials being disseminated in that country. A weekly publication, Annonces, in its December 28… More ▸

  • Tunisian Chief Rabbi Dead at 84

    The Tunisian Chief Rabbi, Fradji Uzane, died last Friday in his home in La Goulette near Tunis. He was 84 years old. The Tunisian government, which announced his death today, said President Habib Bourguiba sent his personal condolences to the Chief Rabbi’s family and the Tunisian Jewish community. Bourguiba’s chief of protocol attended funeral services… More ▸

  • 17 Tunisian Jews Rap Begin

    Seventeen Tunisian Jews have published a joint declaration denouncing Israeli Premier Menachem Begin “and his helpers heretics for having failed to respect the commandment: thou shalt not kill,” according to a report from Tunis by Le Monde. The French daily also reported that another declaration, signed by 190 Tunisian personalities, condemned “all forms of racism”… More ▸

  • Several Jews Injured on Tunisian Island of Djerba

    Several Jews were injured on the Tunisian Island of Djerba earlier this week when pro-Palestinian demonstrators attacked people going to the synagogue to attend special Succoth services. According to unconfirmed reports, one man had his ear cut off in a scuffle while on his way to the Um Suk Synagogue on the island Two cars… More ▸

  • Some 1,600 Terrorists Leave Beirut for South Yemen, Tunisia

    Some 1,600 PLO terrorists left Beirut today for South Yemen and Tunisia.South Yemen, the most Communist-oriented of the Arab countries has in the past provided training facilities for leftwing terrorist groups from around the world. Tunisia has promised to allow the PLO a continue diplomatic activities but not military nor terrorist activities. Most of today’s… More ▸