• Entebbe Rescue Mission Commander Views Teheran Hostage Situation

    Gen. Dan Shomron, who commanded the spectacular Entebbe rescue mission in July, 1976, implied today that the American hostages, today in their 135th day of captivity at the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, might have been rescued by a similar operation. Shomron, who spoke to reporters in Cairo where he is visiting as a member of… More ▸

  • Air France Cleared of Blame for 1976 Entebbe Hijacking

    A French Court of Appeals cleared Air France today of any direct or indirect responsibility for the Entebbe hijacking of June-July 1976 and decided that the French air carrier is not liable to pay damages to the passenger victims. The court’s ruling came in reply to a request by an Israeli couple, Joseph and Lisette… More ▸

  • Uganda’s President Pledges to Apprehend Killers of Mrs, Bloch

    The new President of Uganda, Prof. Yusufu Lule, has assured Israeli journalist Danny Bloch, son of the late Dora Bloch, that everything will be done to bring his mother’s killers to justice. Lule’s private secretary responded by cable over the weekend to a cable sent by Bloch inquiring whether efforts would be made to bring… More ▸

  • Uganda Tanzania Participating in the Ninth Jerusalem Book Fair

    Uganda and Tanzania become last-minute participants in the ninth Jerusalem International Book Fair, which opened here officially tonight. Some 55 countries are participating in the fair, which is considered the second largest in the world, second only to the Frankfurt fair. Seven kilometers of bookstalls will show the works of 1200 publishing houses to the… More ▸

  • Grooving the Entebbe Rescue

    A local company is putting out this week a new record called “Yonatan Victory March” to coincide with the Independence Day celebrations. Written by Ben Reuven, a young immigrant from England and sung in Hebrew and English by the Israeli group, the Black Diamonds, the record celebrates Israel’s rescue mission at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport last… More ▸

  • Herzog Slams Uganda President

    Uganda’s President Idi Amin has diverted world attention from the murder of thousands of Black Christians by creating artificial crises–a technique similar to that being used by Arab states to cloud the real issues in the Middle East, according to Chaim Herzog, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. In a luncheon address here before the… More ▸

  • Bombings Foiled in West German Theaters Showing Entebbe, Film

    A group calling itself “Revolutionary Cell–Fighters for a Free Palestine” has made two unsuccessful attempts to bomb West German cinemas where the film “Operation Entebbe” is currently showing. This followed similar attempts in Greece and Italy. A time bomb planted in an Aachen cinema failed to go off. It was discovered by a charwoman under… More ▸

  • Firebombs Hit Movie Theaters Showing Film on Entebbe Rescue

    Police are investigating the firebomb attacks last week at three movie theaters that were snowing the firm “Long Night at Entebbe.” A leaflet found in a telephone booth today claimed the attacks were the work of “Palestinian militants for the Arab Revolution.” The leaflet said the film, which recounts the rescue of hijack victims at… More ▸