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  • U.S. Hails Entebbe Rescue As Combination of Guts and Brains

    The United States vigorously defended and hailed last night the Israeli rescue operation in Uganda and described it as “one of the most remarkable rescue missions in history, a combination of guts and brains that has seldom if ever been surpassed.” As the U.S. was praising the Israeli operation Mexico, in a letter to the… More ▸

  • Air France Exec Thanks Israel for Uganda Rescue Operation

    A top executive of Air France arrived here last night to personally express the company’s thanks to Israel for rescuing the hijack hostages from Entebbe Airport in Uganda July 3. The hostages included the flight crew of the seized Air France air bus, all of whom returned home unharmed. Denis deJean, vice-president and European general… More ▸

  • Gur Under Fire for Disclosing Details of Uganda Rescue Operation

    Members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee have complained to Premier Yitzhak Rabin over the disclosure of top secret details of the July 3. Uganda rescue operation by Chief of Staff Gen. Mordechai Gur. The committee members said that Gur, who held a press conference in Tel Aviv Thursday, made public facts that… More ▸

  • Books, Films About Entebbe Rescue

    The Uganda rescue raid that electrified the world has spawned a series of instant book and film ventures by publishers and movie-makers who believe in striking while the headlines are hot. Bantam Books, a paperback publishing house, announced over the weekend that it will have its Hebrew-language edition of a book tentatively titled “Ninety Minutes… More ▸

  • Holland Cautious About Uganda Raid

    The Netherlands Foreign Minister, Max Van Der Stoel, commented non-commitally and with obvious caution when asked on a Dutch television program for his reaction to the Israeli rescue operation in Uganda. He refused to say whether he approved or disapproved of the Israeli action, remarking only that it was “unusual.” The Netherlands-Israel Friendship League immediately… More ▸

  • Uganda Embassy in Canada Praises ‘protocols of the Elders of Zion’

    The Embassy of Uganda in Canada has distributed to Canadian newspapers a press release extolling the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The purported excuse for the Embassy’s 850-word text is said to be a criticism by Canadian Jewish groups of, among others, President Idi Amin for his espousal of last year’s anti-Zionist resolution at… More ▸

  • Arbitrator Picked for Solel Boneh’s Uganda Claim

    A Swedish arbitrator recommended by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris is expected to rule on Solel Boneh’s $12 million claim against Uganda for houses the company built there before President Idi Amin broke relations with Israel in March, 1972. News of the possible settlement of the claim emerged during a review of the… More ▸