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  • French Technicians Replace Israelis in Uganda

    France and Uganda are about to sign an agreement providing for French military assistance to the Uganda air force. French advisors and technicians will service the eight “Fuga Magisters” which form the Ugandan air force. The planes were formerly serviced by Israeli experts who were expelled after Gen.Idi Amin decided to break off relations with… More ▸

  • Uganda Accuses Israel of Hypocrisy

    Ambassador G.S.K. Ibingira of Uganda charged yesterday that Israel’s professed friendship for African States was hypocritical because it continued to be responsible for the closing of the Suez Canal and was conniving with South Africa to deprive East African States, including Egypt, of trade benefits. Speaking in the General Assembly’s Middle East debate, Ibingira charged… More ▸

  • U.S. to Delay $3m Loan to Uganda

    The State Department said today that a loan for $3 million to Uganda for livestock development was being delayed as a result of the statement made by Uganda President Idi Amin praising Hitler for the murder of six million Jews. Charles Bray, the department spokesman, said another reason was “incidents” affecting American citizens in Uganda… More ▸

  • Cjc Hails Trudeau’s Move to Aid Asians Facing Expulsion from Uganda

    The Canadian Jewish Congress sent a congratulatory message yesterday to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for his decision, announced last Friday, to aid Asians facing expulsion from Uganda by accepting 300-500 of them into Canada. Trudeau stated that Ugandan President Idi Amin’s order “would appear to be contrary to his country’s obligation under the United… More ▸

  • Israel to Close Embassy in Uganda; Not Seen As Break in Diplomatic Relations

    Israel will close its Embassy in Kampala, Uganda, by next Friday, two days ahead of the deadline set by President Idi Amin last week when he ordered the withdrawal of the Israeli diplomatic mission to his country. The first group of Israeli Embassy officials returned here last night. Ambassador Daniel Laor and the rest of… More ▸

  • Israeli Personnel Return from Uganda

    About 100 members of the Israeli military mission to Uganda and their families arrived here yesterday via Kenya virtually completing the evacuation of Israeli personnel from the East African country. About 10 members of the military mission were still in Kampala but are expected to return home today. President Idi Amin of Uganda had asked… More ▸

  • Evacuation of Israeli Personnel from Uganda to Be Completed by Wednesday

    The evacuation of all Israeli military personnel from Uganda –including the Air Force instructors Uganda President Idi Amin had originally exempted temporarily from his demand that Israel recall all military personnel–is expected to be completed before Wednesday night, sources here said tonight. Two groups arrived last night from Uganda via Kenya and two more plane… More ▸