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  • Interfaith Alliance counters campaign to endorse from pulpit

    The Interfaith Alliance is countering an effort to get clergy to endorse candidates from the pulpit. More than 150 religious leaders have signed a six-point pledge to uphold “certain standards” during the election and prevent partisanship or candidate endorsements in their houses of worship. The nationwide campaign is a direct response to the Alliance Defense… More ▸

  • This Buchanan thing won’t die

    Over at Politico, Ben Smith runs down a list of McCain campaign plaints about press coverage. One has to do with inadequate attention paid to the fabrication, promulgated by the Obama campaign almost as soon as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) named Sarah Palin as his running mate, that the Alaska governor had once endorsed Pat… More ▸

  • Edwin Black and Oil do mix

    Occasional JTA contributor Edwin Black is out with his latest book: “The Plan: If the Oil Stops, No One Has Plan – Until Now.” Check out the trailer. Plus, there’s a kickoff column in the Jerusalem Post: It will come as a shock to most Americans and the media, but as the election reaches a… More ▸

  • Sandy Cardin says foundations should stay socially responsible during downturn

    The head of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Sandy Cardin, preaches financial and social responsibility through these tough financial times in an Op-Ed for Ha’aretz. Most philanthropic foundations are invested in conservative stocks and have relatively safe portfolios, he says – because they have learned from past economic turbulence. It is now up… More ▸

  • The Mark Wallace connection

    At MSNBC’s First Read, Matt Berger, former JTA star, examines the role that Mark Wallace, who is reportedly advising Alaska Gov. and GOP Veep pick Sarah Palin, has in the Iran rally from which she and other elected officials were uninvited. More ▸

  • Dems, Jewish leaders takin’ it to the streets? (UPDATED)

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this post included anonymous criticisms that should not have been published. The post has been revised to reflect JTA’s standards. Five years or so ago, top Democrats convened an emergency session: How do we get Jews back into the Democratic fold? The panic was… More ▸

  • A history of Lehman and Aish reaches out to bankers

    Nextbook has an interesting short piece about the history of Lehman Brothers, the latest bank at the center of our economic crisis, which was started 158 years ago by three Jewish brothers from Bavaria. Thanks to The God Blog of the LA Jewish Journal’s Brad Greenberg for pointing it out. Greenberg also writes about Aish… More ▸

  • Political tidbits: Jews for Jesus head says he was misinterpreted

    The head of Jews for Jesus in Israel tells NBC’s First Read his speech at Sarah Palin’s church last month was misinterpreted. The ADL points out he made a similar remark in March. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, noted Middle East scholar Fouad Ajami says Barack Obama’s candidacy is “the sharpest break yet with… More ▸