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United Rumanian Jews of America

  • Rumanian Diplomat Says His Government Must Be Punished for Annihilating Jews

    Punishment of the members of the present Rumanian Government for their participation in the mass-annihilation of Jews was demanded here last night by Charles Davilla, former Rumanian Minister to the United States, addressing a gathering of the United Rumanian Jews of America. “The present Rumanian Cabinet and its hirelings cannot escape responsibility for these inhuman… More ▸

  • “blood Bath in Rumania” Reports on Persecution of Jews by Antonescu

    A documented account of the horror that has been visited upon the Jews of Rumania since the ascension to power two years ago of Marshal Ion Antonescu, is published today by the United Rumanian Jews of America under the title “Blood Bath in Rumania.” Most of the documentary material appearing in the volume has been… More ▸

  • Vessel Carrying Rumanian Jewish Refugees Permitted to Proceed to Palestine

    The State Department today informed the United Rumanian Jews of America that the small vessel “Michai” carrying 28 Jewish refugees from Rumania has left Turkish shores for Palestine “with all documents in order.” The refugees are expected to be permitted to land in Haifa. The “Michai” has been anchored at Istanbul since March 18 with… More ▸

  • Britain and Turkey Asked to Aid Emigration of Rumanian Jews

    The governments of Great Britain and Turkey were asked to permit the granting of permanent and transit visas to all Jewish refugees able to leave Rumania, in a resolution adopted today at the annual convention of the United Rumanian Jews of America. Charles A. Davila, former Rumanian minister to Washington and leader of the Free… More ▸

  • American Ambassador Will Ask Turkey to Admit Jewish Refugees from Rumania

    The United States Government has instructed the American ambassador in Ankara to intervene with the Turkish authorities, “on humanitarian grounds,” to secure the admission into Turkey of the Jewish refugees from Rumania now on board the cutter Michai in Turkish waters as well as permission for the twelve passengers from the wrecked cutter Euxenia to… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugee Ship Wrecked off Turkish Shores; Passengers Rescued

    All twelve passengers of the refugee vessel Euxenia which was ordered from Turkish waters back to Rumania last month, were rescued when the cutter foundered in the Aegean Sea off the Turkish coast, according to information from Istanbul received today by the office of the United Rumanian Jews of America here. The rescued refugees, all… More ▸

  • Eighty Prominent Jews in Bucharest Held As Hostages; Synagogues Confiscated

    The Jewish population in Rumania meets the Jewish New Year under conditions of unprecedented terror and starvation, according to authentic reports reaching the United Rumanian Jews of America. All prisons in Rumania are jammed with Jews, men and women, whom Gen. Antonescu, Rumanian Premier, has proclaimed as enemies of the country, pro-Russian or pro-British. In… More ▸

  • List of 117 Jews Killed in Bucharest Pogrom Published

    A list of 117 Rumanian Jews killed in Bucharest during the Iron Guard pogroms of last Jan. 22nd and 23rd, was made public today by the United Rumanian Jews of America. Charles Sonnenreich, president of the organization, stated that the list came from “reliable sources,” and was being released for the benefit of Americans who… More ▸

  • Rumanian Jews Herb Protest Bucharest Policy

    The United Rumanian Jews of America, in a statement by President Charles Sonnenreich and Honorary President Leo Wolfsohn, today condemned the anti-Semitic policy of the new Rumanian Government and asserted that Rumania’s difficulties “cannot be solved by the persecution of its Jewish citizens or by the spilling of Jewish blood.” More ▸