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  • July Figure for Soviet Emigration a Record 15,553; Year-to-date: 65,412

    The number of Jews emigrating from the Soviet Union continued to soar to new heights during the month of July, with a record 15,553 leaving the country. The rate was a significant increase over June, when 11,197 Jews emigrated. Of the July number, 15,283 went to Israel and 270 to the United States, according to… More ▸

  • Chabad Airlifts Soviet Jewish Kids Thought to Be Ill from Chernobyl

    A group of 196 Jewish children from the Chernobyl area in the Soviet Union, who may be suffering from radiation sickness, landed at Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday after a delay of 60 hours because of an error by Romanian airline officials. The youngsters are the vanguard of 3,000 who are being brought to Israel by… More ▸

  • Emigrating Soviet Jews Are Targets for Muggers Seeking Quantity of Cash

    Jews who are preparing to leave the Soviet Union have become targets of robbers and even killers because they hold large sums of cash, according to a report in Ma’ariv. The paper reported that three Jews were brutally murdered last Friday in the northern Caucasus region, near the Turkish and Iranian border, and that since… More ▸

  • UJA Film Finds Jews Are Fleeing, Not Just Emigrating, from USSR

    Jews are not just emigrating from the Soviet Union to Israel, they are fleeing from a new brand of Soviet anti-Semitism, according to a film released Wednesday by the United Jewish Appeal. A new variety of anti-Semitism is on the rise in the Soviet Union — it is grass-roots instead of state-sanctioned, violent instead of… More ▸

  • Israel to Launch Radio Network for Soviet and Ethiopian Olim

    The Israel Broadcasting Authority plans to establish a new radio network to help immigrants from the Soviet Union and Ethiopia integrate more quickly into Israeli life. It will broadcast in Russian and Amharic, the language of Ethiopia. The IBA, a quasi-governmental agency, is acting on the recommendation of Minister of Education and Culture Zevulun Hammer…. More ▸

  • Kids from Ussr, Eastern Europe, Participate in Zionist Programs

    An elderly Israeli, originally from Poland, and his grandnephew, whom he had never met before, sit silently. The interpreter, whom the World Zionist Organization’s Youth and Halutz Department has provided to communicate between them, weeps instead of interpreting. The poignancy of the encounter is too much for him. That recent scene, at the department’s campus… More ▸

  • Housing, Finance Ministers Collide over Priorities for Soviet Olim

    Two tough-minded Likud ministers seemed to be on a collision course Sunday over what should take precedence in the absorption of immigrants arriving from the Soviet Union — housing or jobs. Ariel Sharon, the minister of construction and housing, presented a $13.5 billion plan at Sunday’s Cabinet meeting to absorb about 1 million new immigrants… More ▸

  • Soviet and Israeli Trade Delegations Could Result from Moda’i Invitation

    The establishment of Soviet and Israeli trade delegations in Tel Aviv and Moscow could result from the invitation issued to Finance Minister Yitzhak Moda’i on Wednesday by the visiting president of the Soviet Chamber of Commerce, Vladimir Malkavitz. Moda’i invited to Moscow to discuss joint trade initiatives, indicated he would accept after submitting the invitation… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Sets Up Info Center for Potential Olim in Soviet Union

    The Jewish Agency, together with the help of Bezek, the national telephone company, have set up a new information center to provide potential immigrants in the Soviet Union with information by phone on immigration and absorption in Israel. The agency’s Immigration and Absorbtion Department has been operating Telegesher, meaning “Telebridge,” for the past two months…. More ▸