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  • Russian Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Lubavitch Bid for Historic Library

    A three-judge panel of the Russian Supreme Court ruled Friday that the Lenin Library in Moscow must turn over to the Chabad Lubavitch movement some 12,000 books confiscated by the Communists in 1916. The unanimous decision was obtained after a marathon of meetings between four Lubavitch rabbis and various Moscow bureaucrats. The court’s ruling was… More ▸

  • Russian Republic Agrees to Launch Direct Flights to Israel for Olim

    The government of the Russian republic has agreed to inaugurate direct flights to Israel for Soviet Jewish emigres. Simcha Dinitz, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, reported the news from Moscow after meeting there with Ivan Silayev, premier of the Russian republic. Silayev told Dinitz that the flights would be offered by a new… More ▸

  • Israeli Russian Paper Launched, Another Robert Maxwell Venture

    Robert Maxwell, the international newspaper tycoon, launched a new Russian-language weekly Thursday in Israel, designed for the country’s most rapidly growing market — Soviet Jewish immigrants. Called Vremya (Time), it is affiliated with Ma’ariv, Israel’s second-largest daily, in which Maxwell bought a 50 percent interest last year. Vremya, which will also be available in the… More ▸

  • Head of Russian Orthodox Church to Make First-ever Visit to Israel

    The head of the Russian Orthodox Church will fly from Moscow to Israel next week for a weeklong visit to the Jewish state, the first by a Russian Orthodox patriarch since Israel’s creation in 1948. It will also be the first pilgrimage abroad for Russian Orthodox Patriarch Aleksy II since he was named head of… More ▸

  • Final Week of the Year Brings 12,000 Immigrants from the USSR

    The final week of 1990 saw a record-breaking 12,000 immigrants arrive from the Soviet Union, 4,000 of them since Friday. The week’s total was about equal to the entire aliyah of 1988, an Absorption Ministry spokesperson said. Absorption Minister Yitzhak Peretz presented the Cabinet on Sunday with his plans to absorb 400,000 newcomers in 1991…. More ▸

  • Survey Shows Most Soviet Olim Are Glad That They Chose Israel

    The vast majority of the Soviet Jews who have immigrated to Israel recently are glad they made the choice. An overwhelming 78 percent would advise their relatives still in the Soviet Union to come to Israel, according to a poll of recent olim, conducted in October. The results, published Wednesday in Ma’ariv, show that only… More ▸

  • Jews Fleeing Chaos in Soviet Union Arriving in Israel by the Thousands

    Alarmed at mounting chaos in their homeland, thousands of Jews have left the Soviet Union in recent days and are arriving in Israel in record numbers. More than 5,500 landed at Ben-Gurion Airport from Thursday evening through Sunday morning, and the weekend total was expected to exceed 7,000 by Sunday night. The arrival rate is… More ▸

  • Soviet Jews Are Also Flocking to Germany in Greater Numbers

    Although minuscule compared to the tens of thousands pouring into Israel, the number of Soviet Jews flocking to Germany has also surged in recent days. About 300 arrived in Berlin over the course of three days late last week. They have been coming at the rate of 100 a week for the past month, according… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Soviet Foreign Minister’s Departure May Mean Setback for Jewish Concerns

    Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze’s surprise resignation is likely to have a negative impact on Jewish concerns, no matter who replaces him, experts say. “The signs are of deepening political crisis, almost paralysis,” said Martin Wenick, executive director of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry. “My own sense is that it is not good for… More ▸