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  • Soviet Panel Charges Zionists Have Set Up Spy Network in USSR

    The founding congress of a Soviet Zionist federation was nearly thwarted Tuesday, when about 100 delegates who showed up for the meeting in Moscow found the hall closed and themselves assailed in the media for trying to subvert the Soviet Union. The attack was spearheaded by the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public, whose communique… More ▸

  • Two Jewish Groups in Germany Vying for Soviet Immigrants

    The established Jewish community in Berlin is competing with a small but well-connected rival for the allegiance of Soviet Jewish emigres arriving in the newly united city. The mainstream Jewish community, led by Heinz Galinski, is being challenged in its authority by Adass Jisroel, a congregation now located in what was formerly East Berlin which… More ▸

  • Federations to Continue ‘fair Share’ Program for Settling Soviet Emigres

    Leaders of Jewish community federations across the United States have agreed to continue funding the resettlement of Soviet Jews in this country in a way that distributes the financial responsibility among all Jewish communities. The agreement on collective responsibility, adopted last week during the Council of Jewish Federations General Assembly in San Francisco, essentially renews… More ▸

  • Tensions Erupt over Plan to House Soviet Jews in Heavily Arab Area

    Potential for confrontation loomed Wednesday over plans to house newly arrived Soviet immigrants in the middle of an Arab city. Tension ran high in Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel, after Housing Minister Ariel Sharon announced he was determined to push ahead with a plan to settle 1,400 newcomers from the Soviet Union in… More ▸

  • Program Proposed to Encourage Soviet Engineers to Stay in Israel

    The Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel is proposing a $100 million program to establish jobs for the estimated 120,000 engineers expected to immigrate here from the Soviet Union. The goal is to deter emigres from leaving the country in pursuit of more lucrative jobs abroad. At least 80 percent of highly skilled Soviet… More ▸

  • A Third of Soviet Immigrants in Israel Aren’t Jewish, Says Absorption Minister

    A potential powder keg was lit Wednesday in Moscow by the Israeli minister of absorption, Yitzhak Peretz, who claimed that 30 to 35 percent of Soviet immigrants coming to Israel are not Jewish. “I am in shock,” the minister said, according to a report Thursday by Yediot Achronot’s Moscow correspondent Amnon Kapelyuk. Following a visit… More ▸

  • Soviet Jews Arriving in Germany Now Down to Around Twenty a Day

    Jewish immigration from the Soviet Union arriving in Germany has dropped to about 20 people a day, according to the East Berlin office which handles the applications of newcomers. The office, which was inherited from the former East Germany, is about to be closed in the coming days or weeks. The office staff said that… More ▸

  • World Jewry Being Asked to Raise $1.3 Billion More for Soviet Jews

    The Jewish Agency Board of Governors has called on world Jewry to raise another $1.3 billion over the next three to five years to pay the cost of bringing 1 million Soviet Jews to Israel. This sum is in addition to the $600 million already being raised for Soviet aliyah in the worldwide Operation Exodus… More ▸

  • Immigration Law May Benefit Jews, but Doesn’t Affect Soviet Refugees

    Jewish organizations have welcomed the landmark immigration bill adopted Saturday by the departing Congress, despite disappointment that the number of people allowed into the United States under family reunification provisions is not larger. The number of close relatives of permanent residents allowed to come to the United States has been increased from 436,000 to 465,000… More ▸