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  • 1000 People Rally in Caracas to Reaffirm Support for Israel

    More than 1000 people gathered at a mass meeting here recently to reiterate Venezuelan Jewry’s support for Israel in this time of increasing tensions in the Middle East. The audience heard the leaders of Venezuela’s 20.000 Jews tell of their efforts to make Israel’s case known before the Venezuelan government. A delegation from the Confederation… More ▸

  • Arabs in Venezuela Repudiate Terrorism. Libyan Envoy Supports It

    Spokesmen for Arabs living in Venezuela and the Libyan ambassador to Venezuela were reported to be publicly at odds over Arab terrorism, according to the Latin American Affairs Department of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. One of the spokesmen, Ali Abu Shetaia said that Arabs in Venezuela “repudiate terrorist actions which leave many innocent… More ▸

  • Caracas Jews Protest Anti-semitic Books at Fair

    A display of anti-Semitic books at a Caracas, Venezuela book fair drew a letter of protest from the Jewish community’s Human Rights Office, the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League reported. In a letter to the president of the International Education Expo 74, the office cited four books–“The International Jew.” “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,”… More ▸

  • Venezuela’s President Calls for Amity Between Arab, Jewish Communities

    A call for a continued climate of “comprehension” among members of Venezuela’s Arab and Jewish communities was made by President Rafael Caldera in his weekly press conference. Stating that his country maintained “friendly relations” with all the Middle East nations, and that Venezuela hoped that peace would soon come to the region, Caldera asked that… More ▸

  • Israel’s Image in Venezuela Improves

    Israel’s largely negative image in the Venezuelan press in the wake of the Libyan plane incident was partially offset by an announcement of a new project in its ongoing program of technical aid to Venezuela, On the same day that Caracas dailies carried the texts of a number of anti-Israel telegrams sent to Venezuelan President… More ▸

  • Jewish Community in Venezuela Appeals to Government to Help Soviet Jews

    Venezuela’s Jewish community appealed to Foreign Minister Aristides Calvani for the Government’s help in ameliorating the condition of Russian Jews. A delegation representing the Confederation De Associaciones Israelias de Venezuela presented Dr. Calvani with a memorandum describing repressive measures taken by Soviet authorities against Jewish cultural and religious activities. They asked him to intervene on… More ▸

  • New York Rabbi Named Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Caracas

    Rabbi Pynchas Brener of New York has been named the new chief rabbi of the 15,000-member Ashkenazi Jewish community of Caracas. Rabbi Brener. who is spiritual leader of the Holliswood Jewish Center in Holliswood, was raised in Peru where his father served as chief rabbi. As spiritual leader of the Union Israelite of Caracas, Rabbi… More ▸

  • President of Venezuela Receives Israeli Minister of Agriculture

    Israel Minister of Agriculture Haim Gvati, accompanied by Israel Ambassador Eliashiv Ben Horin, was received by Venezuela’s president, Dr. Raul Leoni to whom he handed a personal letter from President Zalman Shazar of Israel. Later, the Minister was warmly received by a joint session of the agricultural committees of Venezuela’s Congress. Mr. Gvati, who concluded… More ▸