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Viet Nam

  • Israel Not to Establish South Viet Nam Relations at Present Time

    Israeli officials said tonight that diplomatic relations between Israel and South Viet Nam would not be established for the present. The same officials confirmed that “feelers” for technical cooperation had been put out by South Viet Nam officials recently. Earlier, informed sources had been quoted as saying that Israel would not, under present circumstances, give… More ▸

  • State Dept. Sees Israeli-south Viet Nam Issue Up to Those Governments

    State Department spokesman Robert McCloskey said today that the United States Government was aware of a report that Saigon had decided to establish diplomatic relations with Israel and commented that the development of these relations was a matter between those two governments. U.S. officials, meanwhile, commented that the United States was carefully observing the Israeli… More ▸

  • White House Welcomes Agreement on South Vietnamese-israel Relations

    White House sources revealed today that — in line with new relations between Israel and South Viet Nam — President Johnson would welcome an expanded Israeli role in support of the Saigon regime. The President was depicted as deeply appreciative of efforts by free world nations in South Viet Nam. It was made clear that… More ▸

  • South Viet Nam Reveals Negotiations with Israel on Special Help

    Negotiations are now in progress for Israeli assistance involving “Nahal” instructors to serve in South Viet Nam, South Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Van Thai disclosed today in an interview here. Nahal is a part of the Israeli army whose members live and work in kibbutzim and other agricultural settlements. The Ambassador visualized a formula for diplomatice… More ▸

  • Jewish War Veterans Plan ‘adoption’ of U.S. Fighting Units in Viet Nam

    The Kings County Council of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA announced plans here today for the establishment of a new program in which local units of the Council will “adopt” fighting units of the U.S. armed forces in Viet Nam. Leon Deutsch, commander of the Council, said that the program will offer opportunities… More ▸

  • Chaplain Greenspan Assigned to Service in Viet Nam; Replaces Dryer

    Capt. Alan M. Greenspan, Jewish chaplain on duty at the Infantry Training Center, Fort Benning, Georgia, has been assigned to the U.S. Military Advisory Command in Viet Nam, with headquarters in Saigon, where he is due around March 9, according to word received by the National Jewish Welfare Board Commission on Jewish Chaplaincy. Chaplain Greenspan… More ▸

  • Jewish Congress Urges Suspension of U.S. Bombing of North Viet Nam

    In a public statement on the Viet Nam war, the American Jewish Congress called yesterday on President Johnson to suspend the American bombing of North Viet Nam and to make an offer of negotiations that would include the Viet Cong at the bargaining table. The call was issued by the organization’s national executive committee. “Without… More ▸

  • Rabbis and Jewish Lay Leaders Discuss Viet Nam Issue at Conference

    A consensus for a military stalemate in Viet Nam allowing intensive effort for peace emerged here today as rabbis and lay leaders of the three religious movements in American Judaism — Orthodox, Conservative and Reform –held an all-day study conference on Judaism and world peace. The conference, held at Columbia University under the auspices of… More ▸

  • Orthodox Rabbinical Group Backs Washington’s Policy on Viet Nam

    The Rabbinical Alliance of America, a group of American-born Orthodox rabbis which is not affiliated with the Synagogue Council of America, sent a letter to President Johnson today expressing its “deepest confidence” in the President and the Administration’s policy on Viet Nam. “The Rabbinical Alliance deplores the rash of critical statements being issued against the… More ▸