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Viet Nam

  • Rightwinger Poses As Jew in Anti-war Call to Viet Nam Troops

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith charged here that a rightwing extremist has used a Jewish name in tape recordings broadcast to American troops in South Viet Nam to “come home” in a crude attempt to impugn the loyalty of American Jews. The ADL said that Ronald Ramsey, a radio propagandist with an extensive record… More ▸

  • Hadassah Conference Backs President Johnson’s Stand on Viet Nam

    Hadassah today acclaimed President Lyndon B. Johnson’s persistent efforts in his quest for a peaceful solution of the war in Viet Nam. In a resolution approved unanimously at its annual mid-winter conference, Hadassah expressed the hope that the course being pursued by the United States and the United Nations Security Council to achieve peace in… More ▸

  • Yeshiva University Students Support Johnson’s Viet Nam Policy

    A 40-student delegation representing 800 Yeshiva University undergraduates delivered a petition today to the White House in support of President Johnson’s Viet Nam policy. The delegation representing Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women, the University’s undergraduate colleges of liberal arts and sciences, were received, in the Old Indian Treaty Room of the White House… More ▸

  • 30 Reform Rabbis Discuss Viet Nam Situation with Ambassador Goldberg

    The American Jewish Reform movement’s Joint Commission on Social Action is going to intensify its efforts to keep alive throughout the country a “dialogue for peace” in Southeast Asia, it was announced here today by the heads of the Reform group’s lay and rabbinic organizations — the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Union… More ▸

  • Agudah Scores Synagogue Council for Policy Statement on Viet Nam

    Issue with the Synagogue Council of America, which appealed to President Johnson to resist pressure for escalating the war in Viet Nam if the current U.S. peace offensive should fail, was taken here today by Agudath Israel of America, an Orthodox Jewish movement. “We deplore the intervention by the Synagogue Council in the current controversy… More ▸

  • Synagogue Council of America Appeals to Johnson on War in Viet Nam

    In an unprecedented step, the rabbinic and lay leaders of Conservative, Orthodox and Reform Judaism in the U.S. joined last night in a plea to President Johnson to resist pressures for escalating the war in Viet Nam if the Administration’s current peace offensive should fail. The action came in a policy statement issued by the… More ▸

  • Jewish Reform Leaders Denounce Viet Nam Statement by J. W. V. Head

    The presidents of the lay and rabbinic arms of American Reform Judaism today sharply denounced as “callous irresponsibility” the Viet Nam statement of the head of the Jewish War Veterans after a recent government approved trip to Southeastern Asia. At the same time, Rabbi Maurice N. Eisendrath, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations… More ▸

  • Delegation of Jewish War Veterans of America Leaves for Viet Nam

    A delegation of Jewish War Veterans of the U. S. A. left by plane today for Viet Nam with full cooperation on the part of the U. S. Defense-Department which welcomed the trip. The delegation was headed by National Commander Milton A. Waldor, of Newark, N. J., and includes national executive director Monroe R. Sheinberg…. More ▸

  • Morale of Jewish Men in U.S. Armed Forces in Viet Nam Reported High

    Lay Jewish personnel in the United States armed forces in Viet Nam assist the Jewish chaplains in conducting religious services and otherwise bolstering the morale of the Jewish soldiers, it was reported here today to the National Jewish Welfare Board’s Commission on Jewish Chaplaincy. The report came from the Jewish chaplain who was sent to… More ▸

  • Nazi Rally in Washington Uses Viet Nam Issue for Anti-semitism

    An attempt to inject anti-Semitism into public resentment of this weekend’s March for Peace in Viet Nam was made in the course of demonstrations here organized by the American Nazi Party with the support of the Ku Klux Klan and the notorious Hell’s Angels motorcycle club. A Nazi rally near the Capital building displayed a… More ▸