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Viet Nam

  • Three Jewish Congressmen Visit Viet Nam to Survey Situation

    Three Congressmen of Jewish faith have visited Viet Nam to observe the situation there in the last three weeks, it was reported here today. They are Representatives Seymour Halpern, Republican, and Lester Wolff and Joseph Resnick, both Democrats, all of New York. More ▸

  • Jews in Viet Nam Theater Plead for Prayer Books, Other Facilities

    The urgent need for more Jewish religious facilities for Jewish personnel in the United States forces in South Viet Nam has again been pointed up for this observer. That need and its urgency are seen as greater than ever today, following a visit by this correspondent yesterday to the SS Midway, the huge aircraft carrier… More ▸

  • Jwb Meets Military Build-up Needs; Another Rabbi to So. Viet Nam

    The National Jewish Welfare Board, moving to meet the religious needs of the growing number of Jewish personnel in the United States military build-up in South Viet Nam, announced today that a second Jewish chaplain has been assigned to the area. Chaplain Robert L. Reiner, of the United States Naval Reserve, will go to the… More ▸

  • 15,000-ton Israeli Freighter Chartered by U.S. A. for Viet Nam Run

    An Israeli freighter has been chartered to the United States Government for transport of materials to South Viet Nam, the first Israeli ship to be engaged on such a mission, officials here disclosed today. The 15,000-ton freighter, the name of which was not released, is on its way to the United States for loading. It… More ▸

  • 500 Jews Serve with U.S. Forces in S. Viet Nam;one Rabbi on Duty

    An estimated 500 Jewish servicemen have arrived in South Viet Nam in the United States military build-up and hundreds more are expected, but there is only one Jewish chaplain to meet their religious needs as well as those of some 150 Jewish civilians here. Christian chaplains are filling the needs of Jewish servicemen in the… More ▸

  • Vietnamese Government ‘explains’ Premier’s Admiration for Hitler

    The South Vietnamese Government today responded in Saigon to Western European criticism by issuing a new “clarification” of Premier Nguyen Cao Ky’s admitted admiration for Adolf Hitler. The press directorate of the Central Executive Committee of South Viet Nam sought to explain that Premier Ky’s admiration of Hitler was not based on adherence to criminal… More ▸

  • Praise for Hitler by Viet Nam Premier Explained by Spokesman

    An official spokesman for Premier Nguyen Gao Ky confirmed today that the South Viet Namese leader had praised certain of Adolf Hitler’s qualities. The British Ambassador to Viet Nam, Gordon Etherington-Smith, had raised a question with Gen. Ky because of British indignation over the reported assertions in which Gen. Ky lauded Hitler as his personal… More ▸

  • Washington Worried over So. Vietnamese Premier’s Admiration of Hitler

    A statement by South Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao Ky that Adolf Hitler is his personal hero has upset Washington officials committed to the Saigon regime, it was learned here today. Gen. Ky told the London Sunday Mirror, in an interview printed in the Washington Post, that “People ask me who my heroes are. I have… More ▸