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war of independence

  • Haganah Breaks Through Encircled Old City of Jerusalem; Captures Sarafand

    The 1,500 beleaguered Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem today received a supply of urgently-needed food, water and medical applies, when Jewish army units battling Arab Legionnaires broke through the Arab ring around the area and later joined forces with the several hundred ##ggard defenders within the Old City’s confines. Jewish units today captured Sarafand,… More ▸

  • Shertok Asks Britain to Recognize Israel; Request is Being Studied, Foreign Officer Says

    Foreign Minister Moshe Shertok of Israel has formally requested British recognition of the new Jewish state, a Foreign Office spokesman declared today. The government is studying the request, the spokesman added. Britain will not depart from its treaty obligations to Transjordan, the spokesman declared, unless the United Nation finds Transjordan guilty of aggression or ?… More ▸

  • Sperate Battle Develops for Old City of Jerusalem; Situation Considered Critical

    The tattle for the Old City of Jerusalem, where 500 Jews are besieged by Arab units, flared up again today with Jewish fighters continuously attacking the Jaffa Gate in a desperate attempt to reach the beleagured ?ea. The situation was considered critical after the Jewish units were forced to ?thdraw under heavy Arab fire this… More ▸

  • Control Center of Jerusalem; Tel Aviv-hospital Bombed; Casualties Heavy

    Jewish forces are now in full control of the censor of Jerusalem after several days of street fighting, it was reported here tonight. However, Arab mortar shells are still falling; in the business and governmental heart the former capital of Palestine. A Haganah commando unit last night carried out a successful raid eight miles into… More ▸

  • Dr. Chaim Weizmann Elected President of Israel; Arab Attacks Continue

    The armies of five Arab states were today pressing against Jewish settlements in outlying districts of Israel in the second day of their invasion of the now Jewish stats. Late tonight Dr. Chaim Weizmann, aged Zionist fist leader, was elected President of the Provisional Government of Israel at a special session of the 37-member National… More ▸

  • Indicates U.S.S.R. May Recognize State of Israel; Hits U.S. Polici

    Soviet delegate Andrei Gromyko tonight in##sted that the U.S.S.R. is ready to recognize the Jewish State of Israel. Gromyko referred to it for the first time as “the independent state of Israel.” in an address ##livered before a General Assembly stunned by the news from Washington that the U.S. ## granted de facto recognition to… More ▸

  • Jews Throughout U.S. Celebrate Proclamation of State; Weizmann Greets Yishuv

    The Jewish community in the United States Joined Jews in Israel and throughout the world today in celebrating the establishment of Jewish state. Special thanksgiving services were held tonight in synagogues throughout the country and additional services were planned for tomorrow. Jewish leaders, including Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, and others, hailed the… More ▸

  • Jewish State Will Be Proclaimed Today; Proclamation Goes into Effect Midnight

    The 37-member Jewish national Administration today decided to proclaim the Jewish state and the provisional Jewish Government tomorrow afternoon. The proclamation will take effect immediately after midnight Friday when the British Mandate ends. The proclamation will be made at a ceremonial session of the Council to which prominent guests have been invited. On Sunday, following… More ▸

  • Demonstration in New York to Hail Establishment of Jewish State; Mayor to Speak

    The establishment of the Jewish state this weekend will be hailed here by Jewish leaders at a mass demonstration in Madison Square Garden on Sunday evening, the American Zionist Emergency Council, sponsor of the rally, announced today. Speakers who are scheduled to participate include: Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Layer William O’Dwyer, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Abba… More ▸