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  • Jews Battling Grimly on Streets of Warsaw; Only 200,000 Jews Survive in Poland

    Surviving Jews in Warsaw are now waging a grim battle on the streets of the Polish capital, together with the Poles, against the German occupation units, it was reported here today by Tomasz Arciszewski, chairman of the executive of the Polish Socialist party who has reached London from occupied Poland and was named by the… More ▸

  • Germans Capture 100 Warsaw Jews Hiding in Homes of Friendly Poles

    German police in Warsaw recently rounded up 100 Jews who were being sheltered in the homes of Poles, according to information reaching Polish circles here today. The fate of the Jews, who were probably survivors of the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto is not known. The Jews were captured during mass arrests by the Nazis… More ▸

  • Polish Jews in Russia Raise Fund to Commemorate Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto

    Polish Jews in Tadjikistan, Soviet Asia, recently held two memorial meetings in the city of Proletarsk for the Jews who fell in the battle of the Warsaw ghetto and decided to commemorate these heroes by collecting a fund to build a soviet tank unit named after them, it was reported here today by the Jewish… More ▸

  • Jewish Guerrillas Escaped from Warsaw Ghetto Wipe out 2,000 German Troops

    More than 2,000 German soldiers have fallen before the guns of a group of Jewish partisans who escaped from the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto last Summer, it is reported in a message from underground sources received by the polish Government-in-Exile here today. After hiding for three months in the debris left after the German… More ▸

  • Common Sufferings of Jews and Christians Will Forge Good-will, Says Detroit Bishop

    Hope that the common sufferings of Jews and Christians in Europe under German rule will forge “new bonds of human solidarity and good-will” was expressed here last night by the Most Rev. Edward Mooney, Archbishop of Detroit, addressing a memorial meeting for the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto, arranged by the Jewish Community Council of… More ▸

  • Five Million Jews “eliminated” in Europe by Germany, Nazi Newspapers Estimate

    German newspapers reaching here today carry a survey on the number of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe showing that approximately five million Jews have been “eliminated” by the Germans in all German-controlled areas of the European continent. A statement preceding the survey says that “there is no longer any Jewish problem existing in the German Reich… More ▸

  • Allies Asked to Secure Status of “war Prisoners” for Jews in Europe

    Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz of Great Britain last night appealed to the United Nations government to attempt to secure “war prisoner” status for the Jews of occupied Europe and to arrange for their exchange for Germans held by the Allies. Addressing a memorial meeting here for the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto, the chief Rabbi… More ▸

  • Labor Delegates at I.l.o. Conference Demand “free Ports” and Palestine Immigration

    Labor delegates from 24 countries attending the conference of the International Labor Organization here today issued a joint declaration calling upon the governments of the United Nations to take steps to keep “the states of Palestine open for Jewish immigration” and to secure the establishment of free Ports” in all democratic countries for the purpose… More ▸

  • Jewish Workers in Poland Send Greetings to Russian and Polish Armies

    A message from the underground “Union of Jewish Workers” in Poland commemorating the first anniversary of the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto has been received here, it was announced today. The message, which is dated Warsaw, April 19, 1944, greets the “victorious Red Army, the Polish Army of General Sygmund Berling and the Jews throughout… More ▸