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  • Only Unlimited Immigration into Palestine Can Save Europe’s Jews, Says Sen. Thomas

    Although President Roosevelt’s War Refugee Board has succeeded in rescuing some Jews from German-held territories, it will be impossible to save the bulk of Europe’s Jews until Palestine is thrown open to unlimited Jewish immigration, it was stated here last night by Sen. Elbert Thomas of Utah addressing a rally at Carnegie Hall sponsored by… More ▸

  • Polish Government Will Clarify Its Attitude on Court-martial of Jewish Soldiers

    Polish sources today indicated that the Polish Government-in-Exile will “within the next few days” issue a statement making clear its attitude with regard to the anti-Jewish atmosphere in the Polish Army as well as the verdicts imposed by a Polish court-martial on 21 Jewish soldiers who left their units because of anti-Semitism and attempted to… More ▸

  • Jews in Palestine Will Observe Year of Mourning for Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto

    No public festivities will be held by Jews throughout Palestine during the coming year, as a sign of mourning for the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto who perished during the epic battle with the Germans. The decision to observe a year of mourning was made public by the executive committee of the Jewish National Council. More ▸

  • Members of Polish Government Attend Warsaw Ghetto Memorial in London

    Polish-Jewish leaders and representatives of the Polish Government-in-Exile participated yesterday in impressive memorial services here to mark the first anniversary of the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto. Present at services in one of London’s largest synagogues were Gen. Malinovsky of the Polish high command, Polish Consul-General Dr. Poznanski, members of the Polish cabinet and of… More ▸

  • Procession to City Hall Work Stoppage Mark Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Battle

    Tens of thousands of Jews stopped work at 11 o’clock this morning for fifteen minutes and thousands of Jewish stores closed as part of a huge demonstration commemorating the first anniversary of the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto in which 40,000 Jews battled superior German forces for more than a month. The White House today… More ▸

  • Battle of Warsaw Ghetto Commemorated Today by Jews Throughout the United States

    The first anniversary of the heroic resistance of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, which the Germans were not able to suppress for more than a month, will be commemorated tomorrow by Jews throughout the United States with memorial meetings, a fifteen-minute work stoppage, and the issuance of a proclamation by the American Jewish Conference… More ▸

  • Thousands of Warsaw Jews Still Alive, Escaped Polish Officer Reports

    Thousands of Warsaw Jews who participated in the heroic battle of the Warsaw Ghetto, which started a year ago this week, are still alive in Warsaw and are being sheltered there by Polish friends, according to a Polish lieutenant who escaped from occupied Poland two weeks ago. Addressing a press conference here today, the lieutenant,… More ▸

  • Zionist Administrative Council Hears Demand for “grand Show-down” on Palestine

    A demand for a “grand show-down” on the Palestine problem, which will guarantee both free Jewish immigration and the establishment of Palestine as a Jewish Commonwealth, was voiced here today by Dr. Israel Goldstein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, addressing 200 Zionist leaders from all sections of the country attending a meeting of… More ▸