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  • Hero of Warsaw Ghetto Battle Posthumously Awarded Highest Polish Military Decoration

    Michal Klepfish, Jewish labor leader who was one of the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto battle last Spring, has been posthumously awarded the “Virtuti Militari Cross,” the highest Polish military honor, it was announced here today by the Polish Government-in-Exile. The decoration was conferred upon Klepfish on the recommendation of the leader of the government’s… More ▸

  • Jewish Underground Movement in Poland Sends First-hand Report to Jews of America

    The first comprehensive report from the Jewish underground movement ever to reach this country was made public here today by the World Jewish Congress. It describes in detail how Jews revolted against the Germans not only in the ghetto of Warsaw, but also in the ghettos of Bialystok, Czastochowa, Wilno, Tarnow, Bendzin and in the… More ▸

  • Jewish Labor Committee to Raise $250,000 for Jews in Occupied Poland

    The Jewish Labor Committee today announced a decision of its national executive committee to launch a campaign for $250,000 for the Jews in occupied Poland. At a meeting of the committee held during the week-end at the MoAlpin Hotel it we decided, in addition to proclaiming a special drive for the Jews of Poland, to… More ▸

  • Leaders of All Jewish Groups Join in Armed Resistance Against Gestapo in Poland

    Members of all Jewish parties participated in the armed resistance against the Gestapo in the “Jewish concentration camps” of Trawhild and Poniatow, in occupied Poland, it was learned here today from a report received from the Jewish underground movement. Attached to the report is a list of 233 names of fallen leaders of the revolt… More ▸

  • Arrival in Poland of First 3,000 Italian Jewish Deportees Reported by Underground

    The first authenticated report of the arrival in Poland of a transport of Italian Jews was received here today by official Polish circles. The report, which came from reliable underground sources, states that last November 15, about 3,000 Italian Jews arrived at the Trawniki labor camp. They were apparently chosen from among the first group… More ▸

  • 200 Gestapo Men Killed by Jews During Battle in Polish “extermination Camp”

    More than 200 Gestapo agents and Ukrainian guards in the “Jewish extermination camp” of Sobibor, in occupied Poland, were killed during a revolt of the Jewish internees organized with the aid of the underground movement, the Polish Government-in-Exile reported today. The revolt, which is the second largest Jewish uprising against the Nazis, surpassed only by… More ▸

  • 25,000 Warsaw Jews Still Alive; Confined in Concentration Camp in Germany

    Polish official circles today reported that 25,000 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto are now interned in a concentration camp in Berensbotel, over Hanover. These are the survivors of the 40,000 Jews who were in the ghetto during the battle which preceded its liquidation by the German authorities. The Belgian Government-in-Exile, quoting the underground Belgian newspaper… More ▸

  • Jewish Guerilia Unit in Poland Avenges “liquidated” Ghettos; Kills Officials

    A unique Jewish guerilla unit, numbering more than young Jews who escaped from the liquidated ghettos in various sections of occupied and, is now terrorizing Germans in the Lublin district, it was reported here today Jewish leaders from Poland. The unit is known all over Poland as “Ghetto Guerillas” and publishes its own undestine newspaper… More ▸

  • Warsaw Ghetto Still “forbidden Land;” 200 Dutch Jews Brought to Clear Debris

    The Warsaw ghetto, though long “judenrein,” is still forbidden land to any outsider, it was reported here today by an eye-witness arriving from Warsaw. The ghetto, he stated, is now nothing but a huge mass of ruins. Not a building left intact. Nevertheless no one is allowed to enter its walls without special permission. The… More ▸

  • Star of David Deserves a Place Among Emblems of United Nations, Editor Says

    The Star of David is entitled to a place among the emblems of the United Nations, side by side with the British Union Jack and the “American Star Spangled Banner,” Michael Foot, editor of the Evening Standard, declared here last night addressing a meeting of the Jewish National Fund at which it was announced that… More ▸