• American Jewish Post-war Economic Problems Discussed at “yivo” Conference

    The prospects of American Jews in a post-war economy were outlined by Dr. Nathan Reich, assistant professor of economics at Hunter College, addressing the 18th annual conference of the Yiddish Scientific Institute which closed last night. Dr. Reich predicted that for the next ten years there will be no crisis in the so-called Jewish industries… More ▸

  • Jews in Russia Send Greetings to Jews in America; Hail Teheran Decisions

    Emphasizing that it speaks for all the Jews of Russia, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee transmitted New Year’s greetings to the Jews in the United States in a cable sent through the Ambijan Committee for Emergency Aid to the Soviet Union. Hailing the Jewish revolt in the Warsaw ghetto, the message appeals for close unity between… More ▸

  • 40,000 Warsaw Jews Still Roaming Woods and Villages to Escape Capture by Nazis

    A report stating that 40,000 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto are still hiding in neighboring woods and villages in an effort to escape capture by Germans, was received here today by Emanuel Szerer, Jewish member of the Polish National Council. The report adds that 4,000 Jews are being held in the Tarnow camp in Galicia…. More ▸

  • Bbc Special Broadcast Estimates 3,000,000 European Jews Killed by Germans

    Marking the forthcoming anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Nazi atrocities in occupied Europe, which was issued on Dec. 17, 1942, the British Broadcasting Company today broadcast a summary of German atrocities against Jews, estimating that 3,000,000 European Jews have been killed since the outbreak of the war. The broadcaster stated that Poland has… More ▸

  • Polish Jews Indict War Criminals Responsible for Mass Murders

    The names of the ten men who head the list of German war criminals whose punishment will be demanded by the Jews of Poland after hostilities cease were made public today together with descriptions of the crimes with which they are charged. Addressing a press conference, attended by “Edward Warsawski,” a survivor of the Warsaw… More ▸

  • Jews in Warsaw Ghetto Perished Confident of Jewish Future, Eye-witness Reports

    Emphasizing that it is difficult to estimate the number of Jews who remain alive in occupied Poland, Edward Warszawski, the first Jew to succeed in reaching London from Warsaw after the battle in the ghetto, today told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that “it is possible that there are still in Poland today between 100,000 and… More ▸

  • Agreement with Guerrillas Paved Way for Jewish Revolt in Polish Death Camp

    The recent revolt of the Jewish prisoners in the Treblinka “death camp” in Poland, during which a good part of the camp was burned down and many prisoners escaped, was made possible when an underground organization of young Jewish men and women within the camp succeeded in establishing contact with a band of Polish guerrillas… More ▸