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  • Nazi Commander of Warsaw Ghetto Arrested; Recognized by Jewish Journalist

    American military authorities today arrested Karl Ruppert, former Nazi commander of the Warsaw ghetto who was responsible for the death of thousands of Jews. Ruppert had been living in Munich dressed in civilian clothes. He was recognized on the street by a Jewish journalist, Ernst Landau, who lived in the Warsaw ghetto during the time… More ▸

  • German Official Sentenced to Death by Polish Court for Executing Jews in Tarnow

    Johan Franke, a former German official in Tarnow during the Nazi occupation, was sentenced to death today by a special court there, after being found guilty of ordering the execution of Jews. The Warsaw radio today reported that Dr. M. Kernish, Jewish historian and a captain in the Polish Army, who led partisan groups against… More ▸

  • Nazi “butcher of Warsaw Ghetto,” Captured in Japan; Disclaims Responsibility

    Joseph Meisinger, the “Butcher of the Warsaw Ghetto,” who was captured last week by five Americans in Japan, was questioned today by American military authorities in Yokohama, the Toyko radio reported. Charged with murdering 100,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto between 1939 and 1941, Meissinger disclaimed responsibility and told the American authorities that he was… More ▸

  • 700 Jewish Writers, Artists Died in Warsaw Ghetto, Delegates from Poland Report

    Sevon hundred Jewish writers, artists and other cultural workers died in the Warsaw Ghetto, although many of them could have escaped, Rachael Auerbach, a member of the Polish delegation to the recent World Jewish Congress conference here, said today. Addressing a reception arranged by the Association of Jewish Authors and Journalists in Britain for their… More ▸

  • Polish Terrorists Blow Up Jewish Home, Kill All Jewish Survivors in Lishansk

    Polish terrorists, who are waging an illegal campaign against the Jews in Poland as well as against the Polish Government, killed the only surviving sixteen Jews in the town of Lishansk all of whom lived in the same house, it was reported here today. The house was mined by local Polish inhabitants, the report said…. More ▸

  • Poland Has Only 80,000 Jews, Dr. Sommerstein Reports at World Zionist Conference

    Led by Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the World Zionist Conference today tendered on enthusiastic reception to a delegation of eight Zionist leaders from liberated Poland who arrived yesterday from Warsaw, headed by Dr. Emil Sommerstein Zionist veteran and chairman of the Central Jewish Committee in Lublin. This is the first Jewish delegation from Poland since the… More ▸

  • Second Anniversary of Destruction of Warsan Ghetto Marked by Yiddish Broadcast

    The second anniversary of the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto was marked today in a special Yiddish broadcast over the Lublin radio. Speakers accused “Jewish ghetto police hired by the Germans, and fascist Ukrainians and Latvians” of murdering Jews who managed to escape from the ghetto to the non-Jewish section of the capital. The broadcast… More ▸

  • Anniversary of Destruction of Warsaw Ghetto to Be Observed As Day of Mourning

    July 22, which will be the second anniversary of the destruction of the Warsaw ghette by the Germans, will be observed as a day of mourning by Polish Jewry, the Lublin radio said today. The breadcast also reported that another mass grave of persons murdered at the Oswiecim death camp has been discovered at Pazczyna…. More ▸