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  • German Plan to Kill All Jews in Theresienstadt Thwarted by Rapid Advance of Red Army

    A German plan to kill all Jews in Theresidenstadt in special “gas chambers” was foiled almost at the last minute, the London Times reports today in a letter from Theresienstadt. The letter reveals that “bathing establishments” for gassing the interned Jews had already been prepared, but the doors for these chambers were returned three times… More ▸

  • Tenenbaum in Reply to Arciszewski Reiterates Charges Poles Failed to Aid Warsaw Jews

    Replying to a statement by Premier Tomaz Arciszewski of the Polish Government-in-Exile, which challenged charges by Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American Federation of Polish Jews, that the London Government’s underground forces in Poland did not assist the participants in the Warsaw Ghetto revolt, Dr. Tenenbaum today reiterated his accusations, citing evidence given by… More ▸

  • Premier of Govt.-in-exilo Denies Underground Failed to Aid Ghetto Uprising

    The Polish Telegraph Agency today released a statement by Polish Premier Tomasz Areiszewski, in London, which took strong exception to an alleged charge by Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American Federation of Polish Jews, that the Polish underground had refused to help the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in April, 1943, Dr. Tenenbaum is… More ▸

  • Polish President Says Nation Acknowledges Debt to Herors of Warsaw Ghetto Revolt

    The insurrection in the Warsaw Ghetto was a fitting reply to the massacre of over 3,000,000 Polish Jews by the Germans, President Edward Osuba-Morawski of the Polish Provisional Government said in a statement broadcast today over the Lublin radio on the occasion of the second anniversary of the revolt. Declaring that “Polish democracy acknowledges the… More ▸

  • Anti-semitism Must Be Outlawed Internationally, A.f.l. Head Says at Warsaw Ghetto Memorel

    After the war, anti-Semitism must be regarded as an international crime and thoroughly extirpated, william Green, president of the A.F. of L., said today at ceremonies marking the opening of the Jewish labor Committee’s exhibit “Heroes and Martyrs of the Ghetto,” commemorating the second anniversary of the revolt in the Warsaw Ghette, Mr. Green disclosed,… More ▸