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  • Book Depicts Jewish Moms As Resilient, Compassionate

    Hear the one about the Jewish mother whose goal was to marry off her daughter to a rich doctor? Lloyd Wolf and Paula Wolfson did too, and the punch lines of such denigrating Jewish jokes ultimately became their impetus to create, “Jewish Mothers: Strength, Wisdom, Compassion,” a coffee table picture book aimed at countering the… More ▸

  • Reform Put Kosher Stamp on Same-sex Ceremonies

    Modification or compromise? Whatever you want to call it, the Reform rabbis’ final decision on Jewish same-sex commitment ceremonies is being touted as “groundbreaking” and a major step forward for gay and lesbian Jews. After years of often heated debate on gay marriage, Reform rabbis overwhelmingly passed a resolution Wednesday affirming that “the relationship of… More ▸

  • Reform Rabbis Considering Compromise on Gay Marriages

    For over a month, Reform leaders have been predicting that a resolution affirming rabbinic officiation at gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies is almost certain to pass at the movement’s annual rabbinic convention next week in Greensboro, N.C. But 11th-hour negotiations this week could lead to a compromise version, one that makes clear the lack of… More ▸

  • Reform Rabbis Poised to Endorse Gay Marriages

    American Reform rabbis are poised to take pivotal action next month on the question of gay and lesbian Jewish marriage — one of the most divisive issues to be addressed by their professional organization in recent years. A resolution to endorse rabbinic officiation at what are often called commitment ceremonies is expected to pass after… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Berlin’s Jews Celebrate Rebirth As Germany’s Reichstag Reopens

    For most Germans, Monday was the day that the nation’s renovated Parliament building, the Reichstag, reopened as a gleaming, glass-domed symbol of democracy spun from the wreckage of Nazism. The Parliament held its first session Monday in the renovated Reichstag, marking the return of the nation’s capital to Berlin. But for the nation’s Jews, Monday… More ▸

  • The Challenge of Training Rabbis: Seminary Leaders Exchange Ideas

    In a quiet retreat center north of New York City, the leaders of non-Orthodox rabbinical seminaries around the world — and one which calls itself modern Orthodox — met recently for an unprecedented seminar. A group of 19 presidents, deans and senior faculty from Traditional, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Reform, Jewish Renewal and multi- denominational seminaries gathered… More ▸