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World Zionist Organization

  • Obituary Claims Conference Leader Israel Miller Dies at Age 83

    Rabbi Israel Miller, a longtime Jewish communal leader who most recently was head of the Claims Conference, died at his Jerusalem home Thursday after a long illness. He was 83. A passionate advocate for the interests of Holocaust survivors, Miller had served as president of the Claims Conference, a central organization that dealt with restitution… More ▸

  • South Africans Remember Massacre with Call for Sanctions Against Israel

    Several organizations are calling on South Africa to couple its annual commemoration of a 1961 massacre of blacks with support for “human rights in Palestine” and sanctions against Israel. Muslim groups from around the country have been joined in these calls by leading political parties and trade unions, as well as some Jews and a… More ▸

  • Rabbis Worry Court Ruling Will Spur Divisiveness in Israel

    They don’t agree on whether Israel’s High Court ruling on conversions this week was a good one. But Reform, Conservative and Orthodox leaders in the United States do seem to agree that with Israel locked in a cycle of violence with the Palestinians, now is not the time for a protracted and divisive Knesset battle… More ▸

  • Polish Jewish Foundation Seeks More Time for Restitution Claims

    Restitution efforts for Jewish communal property seized in Poland during World War II are about to get under way in a serious fashion — just three months before the deadline to file claims. The newly elected co-chairmen of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, which will coordinate claims and manage restituted… More ▸

  • Reform, Orthodox Trade Barbs As Election Deadline Approaches

    Reform and Orthodox groups traded barbs this week as they engaged in a last-ditch effort to mobilize voters in time for Friday’s deadline to register for the World Zionist Congress elections. The WZC is the official representative of Diaspora Jewry that determines the policies of the World Zionist Organization. A seat means influence over the… More ▸

  • Environmental Slate Tries to Prove It’s Easy to Be Both Green and Zionist

    A new Zionist party wants to mix blue and white with green. For the first time, an environmental Jewish party has gathered enough signatures to get onto the ballot for the upcoming elections to the World Zionist Congress. The Green Zionists Alliance got the boost from more than 600 signatures on a petition, which qualified… More ▸

  • Flap over Zionist Elections Highlights a Power Struggle

    But the flap may have had more to do with a power struggle among American Zionist organizations than with the elections themselves. The issue centers on two U.S.-based Zionist organizations accused of misconduct. Hadassah: the Women’s Zionist Organization of America was criticized for “double-dipping” by allowing its leadership to run on B’nai Zion’s ballot. Hadassah… More ▸

  • Anthrax Scare Impedes Ballots for Upcoming Zionist Elections

    While the terrorists mailing out anthrax may not have been targeting Jews, they have managed to affect the elections for a group known as the "international Parliament of the Jewish people." Registration forms for the World Zionist Congress elections are traveling through the same Washington post office where anthrax was found last month, and some… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Several Jewish organizations are being checked for contamination after anthrax spores were found in the Manhattan office of New York Gov. George Pataki, which is located in the same midtown building. The groups — the Reform movement’s Union of American Hebrew Congregations and ARZA/World Union, along with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish… More ▸

  • Agency Meeting Has Familiar Theme: Time for Jewish Solidarity with Israel

    At the annual assembly of the Jewish Agency for Israel this week, one word emerged as a mantra: solidarity. “We are not equal with the citizens of Israel when it comes to the State of Israel,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. “But American Jews… More ▸