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  • Jewish Orphan in Yemen Kills Herself

    The forcible conversion of orphaned Jewish children in Yemen has led to tragedy, according to reports brought here this week by members of a pro-Israel Japanese sect, Makopya, who had just visited Yemen. They said a young Jewish girl jumped off a cliff after she and her 14 brothers were forced to convert to Islam,… More ▸

  • First Jew to Leave Yemen in Decades Has Tearful Family Reunion in Israel

    Partially deaf and nearly blind, 87-year-old Yehya ibn Daoud Tsubayri, the first immigrant from Yemen in 38 years, arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday night for a tearful reunion with family members, including his three children whom he had not seen in almost four decades. Tsubayri came here by way of New York, where he… More ▸

  • Appeal Issued for Jews of Yemen

    An Israeli living in Canada charged Thursday that Israel has not done enough to help the Jews of Yemen, and he called it disgraceful. Moshe Nahum, interviewed by the army radio, spoke on behalf of the World Committee for the Rescue of Yemen’s Jews, which he heads. He said there are presently some 6,000 Jews… More ▸

  • PLO Ferrying Fighters from a Base in North Yemen to Beirut

    The Palestine Liberation Organization is using civilian aircraft with Red Crescent markings to ferry PLO fighters from a base in Sanaa, North Yemen, to Beirut by way of Jedda in Saudi Arabia, the Arab affairs correspondent of Voice of Israel Radio reported Monday. According to the report, El Fatah, the PLO’s military branch, acquired four… More ▸

  • Visitors Returning from North Yemen Report Mistreatment of Jews

    Disturbing accounts of the mistreatment of Jews in North Yemen are being reported to the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith by visitors returning from that country. According to Abraham Foxman, ADL’s associate director, these confidential reports indicate that the condition of the surviving remnant of the North Yemen Jewish community is deteriorating with oppression intensifying… More ▸

  • Some 1,600 Terrorists Leave Beirut for South Yemen, Tunisia

    Some 1,600 PLO terrorists left Beirut today for South Yemen and Tunisia.South Yemen, the most Communist-oriented of the Arab countries has in the past provided training facilities for leftwing terrorist groups from around the world. Tunisia has promised to allow the PLO a continue diplomatic activities but not military nor terrorist activities. Most of today’s… More ▸

  • Jews Still Reside in North Yemen

    An American Embassy official in the Republic of North Yemen recently came upon a small community of some 40 Jews living in Wadi Wajbara in the nor Jews living in Wadi Wajbara in the northern part of the country. Although it had been thought that the entire Yemenite Jewish community had been brought to Israel… More ▸

  • Tomb of Shalom Shabazi in Yemen Reported Desecrated and Razed

    The thousand-year-old Jewish cemetery in Taiz, Yemen’s alternate capital where the Yemenite Jewish poet Shalom Shabazi is buried, has been desecrated and totally razed to the ground, according to a report that reached Yisrael Yeshayahu, Speaker of the last Knesset. The report came from a highly authoritative person who recently returned from a visit to… More ▸