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  • U.S. to Sell Military Arms to North Yemen While Stalling on Arms Aid to Israel

    Robert Funseth, State Department spokesman, confirmed today that the United States is “prepared to sell appropriate military equipment and some training in them to the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) within the framework of our analysis of the need.” He said this would include only defensive weapons and will come only after a U.S. survey… More ▸

  • Jewish Judge is Top Man in Yemen, Journalist Reports

    Although virtually all of Yemen’s 50,000 Jews emigrated to Israel via “Operation Flying Carpet” in 1949-50, the handful that remained behind includes a man who is today the most powerful figure in that Arab state on the southern end of the Red Sea. He is Kadi (Judge) Iriani, the Jewish adopted son of a wealthy… More ▸

  • Us Stands by Resolution 242 Rogers Told Yemen

    “Full implementation” of the Security Council’s Resolution 242 is US policy towards settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Secretary of State William P. Rogers told the Yemenis in Sanaa last week when the Yemen government re-established diplomatic relations with Washington. The text of the Secretary’s address, made available by the State Department, shows he said that… More ▸

  • Us. Yemen, Resume Diplomatic Relations

    The United States and Yemen formally resumed diplomatic relations today, the State Department announced. The move, symbolized by an exchange of toasts between US Secretary of State William P. Rogers and Yemeni Premier and Foreign Minister Mohsen el-Ayni in Sana, ended a breach that dated from June, 1967 when Yemen broke relations with Washington during… More ▸

  • Israel Watches Nasser Forces in Yemen; Cairo Airs ‘collusion’ Charges

    Israel officials were reported today to be watching closely the inter-Arab rivalries evoked by the revolution in Amman, particularly the activities of Egypt, which is taking an active role in the Yemen turmoil. Informed opinion here was that President Nasser of Egypt was seeking to strike at Saudi Arabia, which has been aiding the Royal… More ▸

  • 500 Jews from Yemen Arrive at Aden; Will Proceed to Israel

    A truck caravan of 500 Yemenite Jews arrived yesterday at the border of Aden, British protectorate bordering Yemen, en route to Israel, it was reported here today. The party is believed to include the last of the Jews from Yemen immigrating to Israel. More ▸

  • British Authorities in Aden Hamper Jewish Emigration from Yemen

    The British authorities at the Aden protectorate are unwilling to allow several hundred Yemenite Jews wandering in the desert near the Aden border to enter until the Israel authorities have made this necessary arrangements for their early transportation to the Jewish State, sources close to the Colonial Office stated today. These sources say the protectorate… More ▸

  • Germany and Yemen Reported Entering into Diplomatic Relations

    Germany and Yemen will enter into diplomatic relations shortly, it was agreed this week-end at talks held in Cairo between representatives of both countries, according to reports received here today from the Egyptian capital. West Germany was represented at the conversations by Dr. Guenther Pawelke, its Ambassador to Cairo, and by Yemenite Prince Said Hassan,… More ▸

  • Lebanon, Yemen Abandon Objections to German-israel Pact

    Assurances that the Arab states will not boycott West German trade if Bonn implements its reparations agreement with Israel have been given Chancellor Konrad Adenauer by Prince Saifed Hassan, Premier of Yemen and head of a Yemen trade delegation currently visiting Germany, it was reported here today. Similar assurances are said to have been given… More ▸

  • Immigrants from Yemen Will Vote for Israel’s Labor Party, Davar Editor Predicts

    The conviction that a large number of religious immigrants in Israel, especially immigrants from Yemen and Iraq, will vote for the Mapai in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections was expressed here today by Don Pines, managing editor of Davar, Israeli labor paper. He spoke at a press luncheon tendered him by Zionist Laborites here. Mr. Pines… More ▸