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  • Yiddish Paper Folds

    The oldest Yiddish newspaper in the United States, Freie Arbeiter Stimme (Free Voice of Labor), will cease publication tomorrow because of insolvable financial problems. In its 87 years of publication, the organ of Jewish anarchist philosophy had a peak weekly circulation of 30,000. Its last press run as a monthly was 1700 copies. Ahrne Thome,… More ▸

  • Special Interview Another View of Soviet Jewry

    The Chief Rabbis of Moscow and Rumania fear that continued attacks on the Soviet Union by American Jews will endanger the Jewish community in the USSR, according to two New York Orthodox rabbis who recently met with them. Rabbis David Hollander and Abraham Gross, both former presidents of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, described their… More ▸

  • Jewish Daily Forward at 80

    The Jewish Daily Forward celebrated its 80th anniversary today with a gala “simcha” attended by some 800 trade unionists, leaders of Jewish organizations, members of the newspaper’s staff and its readers. “The Forward is more than a newspaper,” Simon Weber, editor of the paper which is the oldest and largest Yiddish daily in the world,… More ▸

  • Special Interview Weber: Yiddish Cannot Dib

    Simon Weber editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, the largest and best-known Yiddish newspaper in the world, declared that while Yiddish may be sick it will not die. In fact, Weber, who considers himself a realist, emphasized that Yiddish cannot die. To ensure the survival of the 1000-year-old language of European Jews, Weber was among… More ▸

  • Vladimir Grossman Dead at 92

    Vladimir Grossman, well-known Jewish activist, journalist and historian, died here on Jan. 22 after a short illness. He was 92 years old. Mr. Grossman was born in Temrulk in the North Caucasus in 1884. After finishing studies in Agronomy at the University of Berlin and Law at the University of St. Petersburg, he took over… More ▸

  • Mendel Mann Dead at 59

    Yiddish author and journalist Mendel Mann died here Friday, after a long illness. He was 59 years old. Mr. Mann, born in Warsaw in 1916, emigrated to Israel in 1948. He was later transferred to Paris to direct the Yiddish newspaper Unzer Wort. He was also a well-known author and published 12 Yiddish novels. Mr…. More ▸

  • Soviet Propagandizes Newsmen About Status of Jews in the Soviet Union

    Soviet official propaganda aimed at offsetting charges that Jews in the Soviet Union are oppressed was made available today to American news media representatives accompanying President Nixon on his trip to Moscow. Copies of the current issue of the English-language “Soviet Life,” a monthly distributed regularly in the US, was aboard the Pan American plane… More ▸

  • Special JTA Interview the Forward: University of Life for the Jewish People

    Some 30 years ago the prophets of doom predicted that by the beginning of the current decade Yiddish newspapers would cease to exist. Attrition and assimilation would, they said, reduce the readership of the Yiddish press to the zero point. Simon Weber, editor of the oldest and largest existing Yiddish dally in this country, smiled… More ▸