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Yigal Allon

  • Allon Hopes U.S. Will Reverse Decision to Block Kfir Sale

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon expressed the hope yesterday that the United States will reverse its decision blocking the sale of 24 Israeli-made Kfir jet interceptors to Ecuador. His statement came as the State Department announced in Washington that it had blocked the sale because of “long-standing policy” not to supply sophisticated weapons to Latin American… More ▸

  • Allon: U.s., Not Un, is Qualified As Mediator in Mideast Conflict

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon served notice today that Israel will not accept the United Nations as a mediator in the Middle East conflict and regards the U.S. alone as qualified for such a role. He said that UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, who is presently in the Middle East and will visit Israel later this… More ▸

  • Genscher, Allon to Meet in March

    West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher will visit Israel for talks with Foreign Minister Yigal Allon early in March, about a fortnight after visits to Jordan and Syria. The visit was originally planned for a later date, but Genscher reportedly brought the date forward because of the Israeli general elections. This will be his second… More ▸

  • Allon, French Minister to Meet

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon is expected to meet with French Foreign Minister Louis de Guiringaud in Brussels next month when Israel is scheduled to sign its agreement with the European Economic community. However, de Guiringaud and two other French Cabinet members are expected to postpone their scheduled visits to Israel next month because of the… More ▸

  • Allon Calls for the Intensification of Settlements in the Jordan Valley

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon indicated yesterday that he would press for implementation of the so-called Allon plan that would define Israel’s future boundaries with Jordan. He told newsmen, after completing a tour of the region involved, that he would recommend to Premier Yitzhak Rabin the intensification of settlement projects west of the Jordan River and… More ▸

  • Allon Opposes Soviet Involvement in Mideast Peace Negotiations

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon said last night that Israel opposes stronger Soviet involvement in Middle East negotiations because of the hostility of the Soviet Union to the Jewish State. Speaking to the international conference of Australian, American and Canadian Professors for Peace in the Middle East at the Van Leer Institute here, Allon said that… More ▸

  • Wjc Answers Allon’s Criticism Regarding the Madrid Conference

    The World Jewish Congress here Issued a statement Friday in reply to Israeli Foreign Minister Yigal Allon’s declaration in the Knesset last week that the conference of the European Executive of the WJC in Madrid was “an unfortunate one, at the wrong place and the wrong time–from both Israeli and Jewish points of view.” The… More ▸

  • Allon; Wjc Conference Was Held at the Wrong Place and Wrong Time

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon criticized today the Madrid conference of the European Executive of the World Jewish Congress as “an unfortunate one, at the wrong place and at the wrong time–from both Israeli and Jewish points of view.” He also told the Knesset that the WJC delegates had not consulted the Israeli government nor sought… More ▸

  • Israel’s Draft Resolution at UN Defended by Allon, Rapped by Tekoah

    Foreign Minister Yigal Allon today vigorously defended the draft resolution Israel introduced to the UN General Assembly yesterday calling for resumption of the Geneva conference “without delay” with the participation of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the two co-chairmen, the U.S. and the USSR. But he confirmed what other sources said here earlier that Israel… More ▸

  • Cabinet Supports Allon’s Reaction

    The Cabinet today unanimously supported Foreign Minister Yigal Allon’s strong expression of displeasure over the U.S. endorsement of the consensus statement by the Security Council last Thursday. Allon conveyed his position in blunt terms to U.S. Ambassador Malcolm Toon Friday. He called the Council’s action “a blow” to any political progress toward peace. Allon repeated… More ▸