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Yom Kippur War

  • Relatives of Israeli Pows Continue to Appeal for Help

    The mother, wife and father of three Israeli soldiers captured by Syria during the Yom Kippur War are continuing their appeal for American support in their demand that Syria publish a list of the estimated 102 POWs and permit the International Red Cross to visit them. During a press conference at the Israeli Consulate here… More ▸

  • Pictures of Israeli Pows, Soviet Jewish Pcs Displayed in Times Square

    A large tent, surrounded by large pictures of Israeli prisoners of war and Soviet Jewish prisoners of conscience was erected yesterday in Times Square in Manhattan. A joint project of the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry and the American Zionist Federation, the tent served as a focal point for a day-long demonstration and… More ▸

  • $2.2 B Aid Measure Rushed for Completion

    Congress is rushing the $2.2 billion emergency military aid bill for Israel toward completion and for President Nixon’s signature, hopefully before the Middle East peace conference opens in Geneva. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee today approved by a lopsided 15-2 majority an authorization bill identical to one approved last week by the House of Representatives…. More ▸

  • Mood in Israel is One of Deep Skepticism About Ultimate Arab Aims

    The mood in Israel on the eve of the Geneva peace conference is one of deep skepticism about ultimate Arab aims, resignation to long, protracted negotiations fraught with dangers and pitfalls and determination to hold fast to positions of strength while bargaining for an acceptable settlement. This mood was reflected in statements by political and… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith Urges ‘selective Control’ of Exports of Arab Boycotting States

    B’nai B’rith’s Board of Governors has proposed that the Administration consider “selective control” of exports to nations that engage in or cooperate with the Arab oil embargo. The Board, in the concluding session yesterday of its annual meeting here, said an American policy of “economic self-defense” against the oil boycott might properly deny “goods, materials,… More ▸

  • Israeli Official Denies Kissinger Discussed Final Peace Borders

    A top-ranking Israeli official denied today that Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger had told a group of American Jewish intellectuals and academics in a recent Washington meeting that Israel would have to withdraw to its pre-June 1967 borders.” The official’s denial came after a report appeared yesterday in Maariv by its correspondent, Yuval Elizur,… More ▸

  • Israel Has Adequate Supplies of Oil

    Israel, by dint of careful planning and preparations over the last decade, has adequate supplies of oil, but the price of energy “will be much more expensive than hitherto,” Deputy Finance Minister Tzvi Dienstein said here. Dienstein, who is in charge of the nation’s fuel supplies, spoke at the opening session of the fourth seminar… More ▸

  • Administration Spokesmen Uphold Nixon’s Request for $2.2 B for Israel Aid

    Administration spokesmen strongly upheld President Nixon’s request for $2.2 billion in military aid for Israel at hearings today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. They clashed with witnesses opposed, to the measure and disputed committee chairman Sen. J.William Fulbright’s contention that there was no urgency to act on the President’s request and that its passage… More ▸

  • Reshuffling of Egyptian High Command

    Important political significance was seen here today in President Anwar Sadat’s firing of the Egyptian Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Saadeddin Shazli on the eve of the Geneva peace conference and his replacement by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Gemassi. the chief Egyptian negotiator at the Kilometer 101 cease-fire talks. The major reshuffling of the Egyptian… More ▸

  • Amnesty International Told About Torture of Israeli War Prisoners

    The Israeli delegation at the Amnesty International convention here accused Egypt and Syria of torturing and killing Israeli prisoners taken in the Yom Kippur War and requested Red Cross inspection visits of Arab prisoner of war camps. The Israeli delegates made their charges last night during a news conference outside the Amnesty International meeting site…. More ▸