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Yom Kippur War

  • 5 Synagogues, 1 Jewish Center Hit by Arson Since Yom Kippur War

    Two major Jewish organizations, the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council and Brith Abraham, a national fraternal order, strongly protested yesterday to Police Commissioner Donald Cawley and Mayor John V. Lindsay over the wanton attacks and destruction of five synagogues by fire in Brooklyn in recent months, all in the predominately white middle class Flatbush section. Rabbi… More ▸

  • Labor Party Debate Fizzles Out; Nebulous 14-point Formula Presented

    The Labor Party’s great debate–tensely awaited all week as a landmark confrontation between the Party’s hawks and doves over the nation’s foreign and defense policies–fizzled like a wet firecracker this evening. The anti-climactic nature of the event was apparent as soon as it opened in the auditorium of Tel Aviv’s Ohel Theater when Party Secretary… More ▸

  • Labor Party Starts Internal Debate; Mrs. Meir Demanding Vote of Confidence

    Premier Golda Meir is expected to demand–and get–a vote of confidence from her Labor Party’s Central Committee when it meets tomorrow in a grueling internal debate over national leadership in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War. But while Mrs. Meir may easily fend off growing demands from some Labor Party quarters for a new… More ▸

  • Morgenthau Predicts Israel’s Demise

    Prof. Hans Morgenthau, the political scientist, believes that Israel will be forced by U.S. and other international pressure to return to its pre-June, 1967 borders after which it will be only a matter of time before its existence is terminated. Prof. Morgenthau believes the U.S. will exert pressure on Israel to withdraw because of the… More ▸

  • Rosenthal: Israel Grateful to U.S. for Aid but Concerned About U.S. Intentions

    Rep. Benjamin S. Rosenthal (D.N.Y.), just back from an official Congressional trip to Israel, Vienna and Geneva as head of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee for Europe, said today that for the first time the people of Israel have “a deep apprehension of what the future holds for them.” He said the Israelis “know that… More ▸

  • Hungarian Jewish Community is Going Through New Revival

    The Hungarian Jewish community seems to be going through a new revival. In Budapest itself, a Jewish school–primary and secondary–is functioning, services are held in the synagogues and Jewish social services operate in a number of cities. “There are only 100,000 Jews in Hungary today, compared to 700,000 before the war, and yet many of… More ▸

  • Labor Party Facing Crucial Policy Decision on Where It is Going

    With the Labor Party due–at the Premier’s insistence–to hold a long-postponed but obviously needed post-war internal debate tomorrow and with the Knesset elections still due to be held on Dec. 31, the Party and, therefore, the country has come to a major crossroad. The very essence of its leadership–both policy-wise and personality-wise–will to a large… More ▸

  • Katzir: “we Are All to Blame”

    President Ephraim Katzir told Israelis that “We are all to blame” for the many military and political mistakes made in connection with the Yom Kippur war and urged that the investigation of those mistakes not be aimed at “punishing one another.” Katzir, interviewed on radio, was referring to the judicial inquiry into the war due… More ▸

  • Church Leader Says Holland’s Pro-israel Stand Ignored 20 Million Christian Arabs

    Clergymen attending the synod of the Dutch Reformed Church held near Utrecht last weekend failed to arrive at a unified view on the Middle East situation. Despite lengthy discussions, they did not adopt a statement on the Middle East. One of the speakers, Prof. Hendrik Berkhof, criticized the executive of the Dutch Reformed Church for… More ▸

  • Stein Says Nixon, U.S. Jews Committed to Israel’s Security, Well Being

    Jacob Stein, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said here today that six million American Jews are solidly behind Israel and will “bring to bear constructive efforts in support of Israel during the difficult days ahead.” He said their activity was now concentrated on assuring Congressional passage of legislation requested… More ▸