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  • Secret Report Urges Steps to Curb Arab Separatism

    A secret report containing recommendations aimed at thwarting Arab separatist tendencies within Israel will be presented to Premier Yitzhak Shamir soon, Haaretz reported Sunday. The report, whose authors detect a growing trend among Israeli Arabs to establish their own autonomous institutions and split away from the stage, contains recommendations calling for special budgets of 235… More ▸

  • Broadcast Strikers Finding Little Audience Support

    Radio and television journalists, in the second week of their strike for higher pay, are not getting the public support they had hoped for. The reason does not seem to be public resentment over being deprived of daily news programs and bulletins. Although the Israel Broadcast Authority’s main evening newscast, “Mabat,” draws more than a… More ▸

  • Israel Broadcast Strike Boosts Proposed Second Tv Network

    The strike by Israel Broadcast Authority journalists which has blacked out radio and television for eight days has given an unexpected boost to the proposed commercial TV network, known officially as the second channel. Although the Knesset is still debating the legislation necessary to establish it, permission has been granted a private television production company… More ▸

  • Electronic Journalists Strike

    Electronic journalists, demanding the same wage settlements just reached with newspaper reporters, blacked out radio and television Tuesday. Army Radio and Educational Television are not affected. The strike, which began as a one-day work stoppage to pressure the Israel Broadcast Authority, was extended for a second day and may continue until Thursday if a second… More ▸

  • Israel May Face Strike Wave

    Labor action is intensifying in Israel. A near total blackout of state-owned radio and television entered its third day Monday as a wage dispute with broadcast technicians remained unsolved. The country will face an inter-city bus strike Tuesday morning and a general strike of public employees may be in the offing. The broadcast technicians are… More ▸

  • Burg Wants His Dissent Added to Knesset Report on Pollard

    The lone member of the Knesset intelligence subcommittee to dissent from its report criticizing the top political leadership for mishandling the Jonathan Pollard spy case has demanded that his conclusions be appended to the report submitted to the Knesset two weeks ago, Haaretz reported Tuesday. Yosef Burg, of the National Religious Party, who was abroad… More ▸

  • Mk Proposes Legalized Prostitution

    Labor MK Ora Namir appealed Tuesday for the legalization of prostitution in Israel as a means to control the spread of AIDS and other diseases and out of concern for the health and welfare of prostitutes. Namir, who chairs the Knesset’s Labor and Social Welfare Committee, was interviewed on “New Evening,” a program sponsored jointly… More ▸

  • Teachers Stage One-day Strike

    Israel’s teachers observed a one-day strike today, suspending classes for 1.2 million students ranging from nursery school children to adults at teacher training seminaries. There will be no classes tomorrow either because the Parents Association has called a sympathy strike in support of the teachers’ wage demands. Education Minister Zevulun Hammer, who has said he… More ▸

  • Joseph Lookstein Dead at 76

    Funeral services were held at Kehilath Jeshurun synagogue today for Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein, senior rabbi of the century-old Orthodox congregation, who died Friday in Miami Beach, Fla. at the age of 76. Lookstein had been president of the Synagogue Council of America and served as president and later Chancellor of Bar Illan University in… More ▸