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  • J. D. C. to Spend $5,000,000 in Western Europe, Poland and Yugoslavia

    The Joint Distribution Committee is earmarking about $5,000,000 for relief work during 1965 in Western Europe, Poland and Yugoslavia, despite an overall reduction in expenditures, M. Bryn, the JDC director of budget and finance, reported at a press conference here today. He said the overall JDC budget for 1965 would be $28,800,000. He reported that… More ▸

  • Yugoslavia to Restore Jewish Cemeteries Destroyed by Nazis

    The Yugoslav embassy today informed a visiting delegation of rabbis that the Belgrade Government had agreed to restore Jewish cemeteries in that country which had been destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War, The delegation, representing the World Center of European Rabbis, was requested by the embassy to supply a list of such… More ▸

  • Jewish Communities in Poland, Rumania, Yugoslavia Greet Israel

    Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim’s office reported today the arrival of Rosh Hashanah greetings from Jewish communities of Poland, Rumania and Yugoslavia, extending wishes for Israel’s well-being and for world peace. Rosh Hashanah starts tomorrow evening. As Israeli Jews prepared for the High Holy Days, the Egged Transport Company mobilized 1, 500 buses to transport an… More ▸

  • Yugoslavia Expresses Appreciation to Jews for Aiding Disaster Victims

    Appreciation for the “sympathy and feelings of understanding from a people who have known their share of grief and suffering,” was expressed here today by the Yugoslav Ambassador in London, who acknowledged the aid and sympathy extended by the World Jewish Congress to the victims of the Skopje earthquake disaster. The Ambassador sent his message… More ▸

  • Israel Sends Aid to Yugoslavia for Victims of Skopje Earthquake

    Israel has offered to help Yugoslavia’s sufferers from the disastrous earthquake at Skopje, and Yugoslavia has accepted the offer “gratefully,” Mrs. Golda Meir, the Foreign Minister, reported to the Cabinet here today. The first shipments of aid to the victims of the catastrophe left Israel by air tonight, with the full Cabinet’s approval. Mrs. Meir… More ▸

  • Germany Clarifies Stand on Payments to Nazi Victims in Yugoslavia

    The West German Government has offered an increase in payments to victims in Yugoslavia of Nazi medical atrocities, it was disclosed here today. The offer was reported in connection with a West German Foreign Office diplomatic note to Yugoslavia in which West Germany said it was refusing to make indemnification payments to that country as… More ▸

  • Union of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia Holds Annual Conference

    The Union of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia held its annual conference at Belgrade, with 66 delegates representing 22 communities in that country, according to a dispatch received here today. A report to the conference showed that there are now 1,400 Jews in Belgrade; 1,300 in Zagreb; and 1,000 in Sarajevo. There are 1,800 Jews in… More ▸

  • Eichmann Refuses to Help Austria and Yugoslavia on Nazi War Criminals

    Adolf Eichmann, who was visited Sunday at Ramleh prison by his wife, Vera, received a visit there today from Magistrate Yehuda Weiss who tried, unsuccessfully, to question the prisoner about Nazi war-crime collaborators awaiting trials in Vienna and Belgrade. The Austrian and Yugoslavian Governments had requested the questioning of the ex-Gestapo colonel, who is awaiting… More ▸