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  • Chief Rabbi of British Empire Arrives in Johannesburg; Reports on Kenya and Rhodesia

    Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie of the British Empire arrived here today and was welcomed at the airport by representatives of the South African Board of Jewish Deputies and other leading Jewish organizations and institutions. At a meeting with representatives of the Jewish press, Rabbi Brodie, who has just completed a tour of Kenya and Rhodesia,… More ▸

  • Jewish Contribution to Development of Southern Rhodesia Lauded by Prime Minister

    Sir Godfrey Hugginge, Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, this week-end paid public tribute to the contribution of the local Jewish community to the colony. He spoke at a banquet at Salisbury, S.R., honoring Dr. Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, who is currently visiting Jewish communities in the British Commonwealth. “Members of your… More ▸

  • New Security Regulations Issued in Palestine, Exiled Arab Leaders to Leave Rhodesia

    New regulations aimed at the maintenance of peace and public security in Palestine are published in the Official Gazette today, conferring more power upon the local authorities. The Jewish population in Palestine is amused by exaggerated reports sent from Palestine by American non-Jewish news agencies about tanks “rolling through the streets of Palestine cities, after… More ▸

  • Zionists in Rhodesia Hold Three-day Conference; Endorse Biltmore Declaration

    For the first time in forty-five years an all-Rhodesian Zionist conference took place here with delegates from the remotest parts of the country participating. The conference, which concluded today after three days of deliberations, adopted a resolution endorsing the Biltmore Declaration which asks that Palestine be proclaimed a Jewish Commonwealth. Another resolution protested against the… More ▸

  • First Jewish Organization in Northern Rhodesia

    A Central organization for Northern Rhodesian Jewry has been formed here, with the cooperation of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. At present five Copperbelt towns — N’Kana, N’Dola, Mufulira, Luanshya and N’Changa — constitute the nucleus of the organization, but other big towns are to be contacted and their cooperation sought. More ▸

  • Rhodesia’s Golden Jubilee Recalls Jews’ Aid in Founding Colony

    The recent celebration by the people of Southern Rhodesia of the Golden Jubilee of the colony recalls that there was a goodly sprinkling of Jews among the early pioneers of Rhodesia. Long before the occupation of Mashonaland. Jews were among the traders and adventurers who penetrated into the domain of King Lobengula and made the… More ▸

  • Southern Rhodesia Bans Immigration

    A decision to ban further immigration was announced today by Interior Minister Davis following an investigation of unemployment in Southern Rhodesia. The British Government has been requested to discontinue issuing visas for Southern Rhodesia to aliens. Employers will no longer be allowed to import foreign labor without special permission of the Interior Ministry. More ▸

  • Refugees in Rhodesia Offer Services in War

    The Union of German Jewish Refugees, comprising 100 men and 150 women and children today offered its services to the Government. In a cable to High Commissioner Sir Herbert Stanley, who is now in London, the Union said: “All Jewish immigrants from Germany residing in Bulayayo offer, in this hour of emergency, their services to… More ▸

  • So. Rhodesia Wants Selected Exiles

    Southern Rhodesia’s willingness to accept refugees on a selective basis was voiced last night by Prime Minister G.M. Huggins at a dinner commemorating the birthday of “Empire Builder” Cecil Rhodes. “There are many worthy and excellent people who we should welcome to our country today,” Mr. Huggins declared. “But we have had more than we… More ▸