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Klan to Take Offensive; Future Policy is Outlined by Imperial Wizard, Evans

September 16, 1926
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(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

An apologetic stand for the past policy of the Ku Klux Klan was taken by Dr. Hiram Wesley Evans, Imperial Wizard of the Klan for another four years, in his address before the biennial “Klonvokation” here yesterday.

At the same time, Dr. Evans urged the Klansmen to “take the offensive.”

“It has been easy to mislead many about the Klan because we have been on the defensive,” he declared, “we have spoken much and have seemed to be against the Jews, the Catholics and the aliens.

“Now that we are to fight for Americanism, true Americanism, Klansmen and non-Klansmen will know that our so-called prejudices and intolerances are not only justified but righteous; that they spring from the deepest racial instincts, from righteous and patriotic convictions and from sound judgment, for if the things against which we fight are allowed to take deep root here, America could not fulfill her destiny.”

The Klan, if it carries out the mandates of Evans, will urge a policy for America of isolation and strict neutrality in foreign relations. The head of the order warned his listeners against foreign entanglements and attacked the World Court.

Evans pleaded for continuance of the free school system, predicted passage by Congress of a broad alien registration act and laws deporting criminal aliens and pledged support of the order to prohibition.

The imperial wizard’s address was an official pronouncement of his program. For the first time in the history of the order, the public, represented by newspapermen, was permitted to witness the proceedings. They were asked, however, not to identify speakers except Dr. Evans.

The Ku Klux Klan threatened to inject itself into the Mexican situation should the League of Nations or any European country send armed forces into that republic. The knights of the klan are “ready to repel any such invasion of religious-torn Mexico,” Dr. Evans stated.

“I have heard it said,” he said, “that the League of Nations would interfere in the internal affairs of Mexico. If Europe–or what is left of it–undertakes to interfere with the Western Hemisphere it will meet with trouble.

“If any European nation lands an armed force in Mexico, if the United States government is not ready to act, thank God there are enough Klansmen in America to repel them.”

That was the imperial wizard’s pronouncement as he urged the Klan to make a militant fight for Americanism. The objectives of the Klan, according to Dr. Evans, include:

“To save America from alienism, to prevent the mongrelization of our race, and to promote a steady nationalism rather than to permit the strength of America to be dissipated through an insipid cosmopolitanism.

“To restore Protestanism to full and unquestioned supremacy in the spiritual spotlight of America and to make spiritual freedom the undoubted possession of every citizen of this country.

“To assist America toward the fulfilment of her God-given destiny protecting the fundamental policies of Americanism that have made us the most respected nation in the world.”

Despite the waning display of organization strength shown, in the long-heralded parade of yesterday, the Klan regards itself no longer on the defensive, and prediction was made during the convention session that thousands of new members will soon be enrolled “to work for America,” with the 5,000,000 klansmen and 1.500,000 klanswomen now claimed in the order.

“All America,” he said, “has been groping for a way to regain its mental and spiritual poise, to restore and harmonize the national mind, and to resume the march toward what we all know to be the future destiny of America. We will remove from public opinion through aggressive action and definite programs the oft-repeated charge that we are merely ‘antis’.”

The “New York World’s” Burean in Washington, in its report of the “Klonvocation” to the “World” stated:

“It was made more apparent than ever that the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have discarded the mask and taken to politics and will wage war on Catholics in every section of the nation.”

Dr. Evans declared the Klan will oppose Governor Smith’s candidacy for President of the United States.

“No nulliner will ever be elected President of the United States. No man who would weaken the Constitution or betray the common people need aspire to that office,” he declared.

Gov. Smith has authorized his friends to place him in nomination for the fifth time at the Democratic State Convention Sept. 27.

This fact, which became known yesterday, set at rest rumors prevailing during the last few days that the Governor was preparing to reject the proferred fourth term nomination.

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